The best and worst supermarket stollens available for Christmas - including Lidl Favorina Finest marzipan stollen and Waitrose No.1 Our Ultimate Stollen

With Christmas just around the corner, you may already be starting to stock your cupboards with sweet treats for the festive period. If stollen is on the menu, here's the ones you should be buying...and which to avoid.

Published 20th Dec 2023
Updated 20 th Dec 2023

If stollen is one of your festive favourites - and at the top of your shopping list - then the supermarket aisles are stacked high with plenty of choice.

But which of these supermarket stollens are the best?

Sainbury's Taste the Difference Cherry & Kirsch Stollen Bites, £3.25

Pleasant enough but they quickly become sickly.

A little bit too Christmassy tasting with a combination of too much sweet all at once. Some people will love this, but it veered too much of the sweet side for me.


Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Stollen Slices, £3.75

I slightly preferred this to the Stollen bites, it was a little less sickly.

I tried it with some oat milk and it made it even better as it was a little more soggy, which I tend to prefer.


Lidl Favorina Finest marzipan stollen, £3.29

This was lovely but wasn't quite as almondy as I normally like.

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I'm an almond addict though, so it will probably be ideal for those who aren't hugely fond of it or don't like it too strong.


Waitrose No.1 Our Ultimate Stollen, £10

Really, really good.

The almond taste boomed out of it and it had the right blend of soft but crunchy.

Tasted very Christmassy and I definitely rated it the highest out of all the stollen I tried.

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