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Aldi’s sell-out six-litre Methuselah of prosecco is set to return for festive season

Aldi are set to offer the perfect drinks centre piece for any party this festive season with the return of their supersized Methuselah of Prosecco - which sold out in just 24 hours last year.

Published: October 24, 2019

The six-litre bottle costs £99.99 and holds an equivalent of eight 75cl bottles and contains a Prosecco that’s described by the Aldi team as "light, fun and frothy - with notes of parma violets, ripe pear and papaya".

The Methuselah is set to be available on the supermarket’s online wine store from the 1st November.

Aldi‘s wine expert, mistress of wine Sam Caporn, explains how to safely pop open the huge bottle, she said: "We all know that it’s vital to chill your bottle of bubbly before serving, but if you don‘t have the luxury of a completely empty fridge, getting your Methuselah cool can be a little trickier than your average bottle.

"I’d recommend chilling your Methuselah in a large bucket filled with ice, or leaving it outside if it’s nice and cold, to get that lovely cool fizz."

Stating that it's important to open the bottle safely, Sam recommends making it a two person job, she said: "First remove the muzzle – but make sure you keep hold of the cork at all times (this is the key to avoiding any accidents).

"Now its time for a little help from your friends - one of you needs to hold the base of the bottle while the other looks after the neck Pointing away from the party of people, twist the bottle (and not the cork) until the cork gently loosens."

The wine expert added that pouring will probably take two people too, she added: "You’ll need a friend, one holding the base and one holding the neck. The main thing is to take it slow to avoid any spills and wastage. Some people like to pour their Methuselah into decanters – but personally I think that takes a bit of the fun (and froth) out of it."

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