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Easy weekday recipe: Macaroni Cheese with Pancetta

Why not eat Italian tonight with this delicious recipe for Macaroni Cheese and Pancetta

Published: July 15, 2015
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  1. Gently simmer the cream in a large frying pan or saucepan, stir regularly to ensure it doesn’t burn
  2. Meanwhile, put a pan with the macaroni pasta on to boil for the recommended time
  3. As the cream simmers away, add the parmesan and allow to melt
  4. Add in the mascarpone and stir
  5. Once the mascarpone has melted add in the cheddar
  6. Drain the cooked macaroni and add to the pan with the creamy cheesy sauce
  7. Mix all of the ingredients together thoroughly and bring back to the boil
  8. Serve the ingredients with crispy pancetta, toasted croutons, fresh parmesan shavings, parsley and season to taste


  • Macaroni Pasta – 180g
  • Double cream – 80ml
  • Parmesan – 50g
  • Mascarpone – 50g
  • Mature Scottish Cheddar – 100g
  • Cooked Crispy Pancetta – 60g
  • Croutons – 20g
  • Salt/Pepper and freshly chopped parsley to taste
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