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Whisky cocktail recipe: Loch Lomond Old Fashioned

Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia Single Malt brand ambassador, Ibon Mendiguren has crafted a selection of classic whisky cocktails with a modern twist. Here is his recipe for a Loch Lomond Old Fashioned.

Published: January 23, 2018
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Loch Lomond Old Fashioned

Ibon added: "Loch Lomond distillery’s unique combination of straight neck and traditional pot stills enable it to craft three distinct 12 year old whiskies with a variety of flavours, from light and floral to heavily peated with a hint of spice, creating endless opportunities for cocktails to suit different tastes."

The Method:

In a mixing glass, soak the sugar cube in a few drops of Angostura bitters.

Add a splash of Loch Lomond Original and muddle the ingredients together to create a loose paste.

Add ice cubes and stir well to blend the flavours.

Fill the metal piece of a cocktail shaker with cold water and place the mixing glass inside to keep it chilled.

Add more ice and the rest of the Loch Lomond Original and continue to stir.

Strain the cocktail mix from the mixing glass into a chilled glass with ice and add a couple splashes of plum bitters.

Garnish the cocktail with a twist of orange peel and serve.

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Picture: Loch Lomond Old Fashioned, supplied



  • 50ml Loch Lomond Original Single Malt whisky
  • Angostura bitters
  • Plum bitters
  • Brown sugar cube
  • Ice
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