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Whisky and whiskers at Glenturret Distillery as two new kittens join the team

The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery in Crieff has welcomed double trouble in the form of two new male kittens to act as the site's "Official Mousers".

Published: July 30, 2015

Glen and Turret will both be responsible for keeping the distillery free of all things vermin. Their recent "employment" comes shortly after the distillery's much loved mouser Peat died last year after an accident exploring the outdoors.

"Glen is, at 8 weeks old, very timid and quietly inquisitive while Turret, on the other paw, is a tabby on a mission.”

The Glenturret Distillery has always been an advocate for felines with its most famous mouser Towser catching a record 28,899 mice during her 24 years in charge. Today a statue stands in her honour at the site citing her as "World Mousing Champion".

As well as cheese, mice are notorious for their love of barley and distilleries are often faced with rodent problems as the grain tends to be plentiful and often in plain sight - so the addition of a cat or two to rid the site of the rodent population is not necessarily a bad idea!

Stuart Cassells, General Manger of The Famous Grouse Experience of Glenturret Distillery, said: "The whole team are thrilled to welcome some new little furry team members and we have decided to home two kittens instead of one so we can have twice the fun." Continues Stuart, "Glen is, at eight weeks old, very timid and quietly inquisitive while Turret, on the other paw, is a tabby on a mission.

Glen and Turret with legendary distillery cat Towser. Picture: Fraser Band

Glen and Turret with the statue legendary Mouser Towser. Picture: Fraser Band

"He's a month older than Glen and into absolutely everything from climbing, including your leg, to playing with whatever or whoever he can find."

Stuart added, "They (Glen and Turrett) balance each other our 'purr-fectly' and we now have twice the virtual mousing capacity with our new furry distillery duo."


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