Tunnock's Tea Cake sales increase by over 10%

Sales of Tunnock’s tea cakes have soared by over 10 per cent - thanks to a boycott bid by nationalists.

Published 6th Apr 2016
Updated 6 th Apr 2016

The boycott was urged after the Uddingston-based firm marketed their famous confectionery as the “Great British Tea Cake”.

Critics also took particular exception to the omission of the company's Scottish lion rampant symbol, viewing it as a rejection of their Scottish heritage.

But the operations director at Tunnock's, Fergus Loudon, said that the publicity had given an otherwise slow period for sales a much-appreciated boost.

He said: “It [the boycott] meant the Tunnock's name was being talked about all over the the world and people are still talking about it.

“It prompted a lot of people to go out and buy tea cakes and has been fantastic for us in terms of sales.

“January is traditionally a quieter time for us. Our sales went up by at least 10 per cent. Sales are very, very strong. Our order book is full to overflowing.”

Actual sales of the tea cakes are not known but the boost is thought to amount to hundreds of thousands of extra sales of the treats.

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Tunnock's said much of the row was down to a misunderstanding and that the lion rampant remained on the box.

Tunnock's have also recently released a range of merchandise in the wake of the success of the marketing strategy, including teddy bears, mugs, clothing and key rings, which they hope people will purchase to show solidarity with the company.

One of thre most vocal supporters of the boycott was SNP member, Gary Elliot, who Tweeted at the time: “Rebranding is one thing. What Tunnock's did was a brazen rejection of Scotland.”

Former Better Together campaign manager, Blair McDougall, responded: “If a tea cake, A TEA CAKE, results in such an outpouring of hatred from you, it's maybe time to re-evaluate your life and your politics.”

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