Tesco are well known for creating exciting seasonal flavours for their own brand crisps, but their latest offering might be their weirdest yet.

Rightly hailed for their usual Christmas release – Pigs in Blankets flavoured crisps – this winter’s limited edition flavour has left many feeling a little perplexed.

This year, they will be selling candy cane flavoured crisps; essentially, a savoury snack that tastes like peppermint.


Picture: Tesco

Priced at £1 for a 150g, the new crisps are the latest release from the limited edition Tesco Finest range and are described by the supermarket brand as “hand cooked crisps seasoned and dusted with a sweet peppermint flavouring” for a “sweet and salty taste experience”.

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As usual, Twitter users were fairly opinionated about the Christmas themed product.

The new crisps aren’t red and white but described as having a “pinkish tinge”.

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