New report finds Scots are some of the biggest Foodies in the UK

Researchers at the Worldpay Index found that Scots regularly spend more than the UK average on both food and drink. 

Published 25th Nov 2015
Updated 12 th Sep 2023

The study, which focused on the top 50 cities/towns by population, analysed transactional data to reveal its analysis of the spending habits of millions of UK residents, creating the Indulgence Index, the first study of its kind in the UK.

The report found that both Aberdeen and Edinburgh were amongst the top 10 most expensive cities to dine out in the UK.

Edinburgh topped the table with the capital's residents spending 23 per cent more than the national average on dinner transactions, while those living in Aberdeen also regularly spend 18 per cent more than the national average. Glasgow also made it into the top 15, with residents there spending 9 per cent above the national average.

Aberdeen appears in the top 10 cities for frequent diners (number 7) and Glasgow is not far behind, with citizens eating out six per cent more often than the national average.

The study also found that all three Scottish cities spend more on food as a proportion of their outlay than the majority of other UK cities, positioning Scottish cities as some of the best foodie locations in the UK.

Residents in Edinburgh spend more than double the UK average on eating out as a proportion of their total outlay. While Residents of both Aberdeen - spending 21 per cent more - and Glasgow - spending 16 per cent more - also spend more than the UK average.

Worldpay also analysed cities by Friday night bar hopping (proportion of customers visiting multiple establishments in a single night) and Aberdeen came out number 2 in the UK, second only to Brighton.

While Glasgow, with an average spend of £25.09 each time they visit the pub, came ahead of both Edinburgh ( £24.70) and Aberdeen (£22.49) on bar spend, all three Scottish cities remained lower than the national average (£25.21), positioning Scotland as one of the cheapest places to drink in the UK.

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