Five recommended kitchen gadgets no home should be without

Five of the best kitchen gadgets to make your life in the kitchen a little bit easier.

Published 10th Sep 2015
Updated 10 th Sep 2015

Cooking can be a long and time consuming process forcing many of us to opt for a microwave meal or take away instead.

To inspire you to take your finger off that microwave button, ditch the take away menus and get back into the kitchen, we've searched for some of the best kitchen gadgets that can help you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying a great home made meal.

1. Joseph and Joseph Nest Plus


Picture: Joseph and Joseph Nest

Picture: Joseph and Joseph Nest

The Joseph and Joseph nest plus is a must-have preparation set for any kitchen.

Its multi-coloured and modern appearance helps it blend in with any kitchen set up without looking cheap and its design means that all nine of its food preparation sets fit neatly inside each other, saving you space and allowing you to keep track of the more intricate items.

Additionally, all mixing bowls include measurements and have non-slip bases and wide carry handles.

2. Alligator Onion Chopper


Picture: Alligator Onion Cutter

Picture: Alligator Onion Cutter

For those among us who are not very talented at the chopping board, the alligator onion chopper is for you.

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For a relatively small price, you can avoid the tears, tantrums and smelly hands produced by the dreaded onion forever. The chopper can also be used for chopping peppers and is easy to clean and maintain.

3. OXO Good Grips Potato Ricer


Picture: OXO Good Grips Potato Ricer

Picture: OXO Good Grips Potato Ricer

Say your goodbyes to lumpy mashed potato and hello to this gem of a kitchen utensil.

The stainless steal potato ricer is perfect for getting your potatoes and veg just the way you like them without the arm workout. It's dishwasher friendly and clips easily onto the bowl to minimise any hassle - mashed potato has never been so easy.

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4.Kenwood kMix Hand Blender


Picture: Kenwood kMix hand mixer

Picture: Kenwood kMix hand mixer

Hand blenders are pretty much a must-have for any avid chef. The Kenwood kMix operates at five speeds and can cut preparation time down dramatically (because who has time to blend things by hand anymore? If its good enough for the Great British Bake Off then it's good enough for me).

The makers of the blender have combined style and functionality in its design with a selection of bright colours suitable for any style kitchen. It comes with stainless steel beaters and kneaders as well as a 5 speed pulse meaning it can be used for any kind of mixing.

5. Microwave Hot Pot

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Picture: JML microwave hot pot

Picture: JML microwave hot pot

Good old JML are always coming up with ideas to make our lives just that little bit easier. Their microwave hot pot recreates the traditional hot pot design but in a more concise way, creating the perfect dish for smaller meals and snacks.

Whether its eggs, sponges or steamed vegetables, the non-stick stoneware pot helps you get that fresh taste in minimal time.

Holly is from a small town in Ayrshire but has a big appetite for all things food and drink. Having recently graduated from university in Glasgow, she prides herself on her knowledge of the cities ever growing burger scene. She is also a self-confessed macaroni cheese addict and food blog enthusiast and enjoys keeping up to date with the latest food trends.
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