Edinburgh named as the best city in the UK for vegans

Edinburgh has been ranked as the best city for vegans in the UK, with low prices of produce and a wide variety of restaurants seeing the Capital taking top spot.

Published 4th Jan 2022
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The Capital outscored every other UK city in a study from StudentBeans to find the most vegan friendly city in the country.

To rank the best city for vegans in the UK, the study analysed data from a number of factors including the number of restaurants serving vegan food, the percentage of restaurants in the city that are vegan, number of vegan Uber Eats, the average cost of vegetables and fruit and the number of health food stores in each city within a five-mile radius.

Edinburgh took top spot with Glasgow named as the 4th best vegan city in the UK, with Scotland also being represented by Inverness who were named 8th.

The study found that plant-based eaters would not be short for options in Edinburgh with 642 vegan restaurants and 42 UberEats options delivering vegan food.

To make the study fair, each value was calculated per capita, based on the population.

The study also named the best vegan restaurant in the city looking at the average rating and reviews with Black Rabbit taking top spot with Seed for Souls, Harmonium, Novapizza Vegan Kitchen and Holy Cow finishing the top 5.

In Glasgow, Puti Vegan Cafe was named as the best vegan restaurant.

Chester was named as the second best city in the UK with the cost of fruit and vegetables being slightly higher, making Chester slightly less friendly than Edinburgh for vegans.

There has been growing popularity of the trend Veganuary which involves giving up meat for the first month of the year and trying to incorporate a vegan diet.

Analysis from last year over the Christmas period showed that 6.6 million households bought vegan-specific products – up 10% on the levels recorded in 2020.

The west Highland hotel with 'Scotland's best restaurant' and access to tranquil island

During January 2021, there was a 23% boost in vegan products, with families adopting Veganuary, with more expected to embrace the trend this year.

A number of fast food outlets are also launching vegan options this January to incorporate the Veganuary trend.

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