Best Pizza Joints In Glasgow

Published 10th Nov 2015
Updated 12 th Sep 2023

Henry Rollins once said: “Pizza makes me think anything is possible.”

Who doesn’t like pizza? The only problem is the inner conflict trying to decide a choice of toppings. We have all been there. However, Glasgow houses some of the best pizza joints in the country who can help make that choice a little easier for you.

Little Italy/Little Italy

Picture: Little Italy

Little Italy

If you like pizza and people watching, Little Italy is the perfect spot to watch the “westenders” walk by. A bustling café vibe strikes you instantly as you enter, seating only 33 people. Packed with fresh flavour, the pizza is the star of the show at this Byres Road institution. Prepared from scratch using only the finest ingredients, the chefs take great pride in their pizza offering and have done since 1994. Though the premises isn’t licensed, diners can enjoy an informal catch up over coffee and a slice while surrounded by the ornate polished fittings inside. The option to take away is also available.


Picture: Bloc+


A basement bar serving up good dude food until the wee hours – Bloc+ is your one stop shop for all things loud and all things tasty. Serving up pizza until 2am, the independent venue happens to have one of the city’s most notorious chefs at hand – Danny McLaren, aka Mad Chef. What can you say about Bloc+? Well, not only is it a dimly lit paradise for the hip crowd, but the bar has become something of a niche in the midst of Bath Street. Hosting an array of musical talent every night of the week, why not dive down and dine in this busy basement bar until your heart is content. For the late night stragglers, never again will you have to endure a greasy take-away at three in the morning as pizzas are freshly made on site and are available to take home.


Picture: Firebird


Nestled on the fringe of Finnieston, Firebird has been a hit on the city’s casual dining scene for nearly 20 years. A culinary home away from home – the discerning diner can enjoy one of many wood-fired pizzas this neighbourhood bar-bistro is famed for. Smoky wood aromas may catch your attention as you pass by, drawing you closer to the entrance without you even realising. Firebird is a popular joint among students, locals and young professionals and is open from lunchtime until late. Messy but fun - the pizzas come on a thin crisp base lightly smothered by a rich tangy tomato sauce with an extensive choice of toppings available. Perfect for both carnivores and herbivores!

Picture: Celino's

Picture: Celino's


“The best alternative to cooking,” say the Glasgow east-end foodies.

Lannan Bakery to collaborate with author Nicola Lamb for one-off menu

A hearty cafe found in the heart of Alexandra Parade - Celino’s is a stone throw away from Duke Street. Much loved among the locale, the family run Celino’s has reigned as the east-end’s best Italian offering since 1982. All pizzas are topped with the owner’s secret sauce and then stonebaked to perfection. Amore! The café oozes authenticity as family portraits adorn the walls giving a homely feel throughout. As well as boasting an extensive menu – over forty dishes – Celino’s houses a deli where free samples are on offer. Word of advice – personal guarantee you won’t be able to resist buying a little something after indulging in a freebie or two.

Bier Halle/Picture: Trip Advisor

Bier Halle/Picture: Trip Advisor

Republic Bier Halle

Industry veteran Colin Barr’s long-standing gastropub is famous for its exotic brews and plentiful pizzas. Lovers of beer and pizza - look no further. Inspired by Bavaria initially, this bar has become something of a pitstop for pre-nights out. Situated at Gordon Street, the venue also hosts a sheltered outdoor seating area - an oasis in a sea of bustling shoppers which has more than doubled the venue’s capacity. Expect thin and crispy baked pizzas with an array of tasty toppings. A personal favourite is their Blue Cheese Pizza.

Warren Campbell is a food and drink enthusiast who has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the Scottish licence trade. Having written for various publications and worked behind several bars, Warren’s passion for all things trade related is what drives him. He can be seen enjoying a Balvenie 12 Year Old Doublewood in his favourite haunts around Glasgow or frequenting between Glasgow and Edinburgh’s thriving restaurant scenes.
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