Spring may be the season to detox, but demand for Currizza – the UK's first curry pizza – is proving otherwise.  

The invention of Glasgow-based entrepreneur and chef Dave Gannon, Curry Dave Currizzas use Indian naan bread as a base, topped with authentically fresh curry sauces and grated mozzarella.

Originally invented as an experimental snack for staff at his Indian restaurant in the French ski resort of Chamonix, Gannon launched the Curry Dave range in 2013 and is now on track to produce 10,000 Currizzas a week.

Available in four varieties – Chicken Korma, Chicken Madras, Chicken Tikka and Sweet Potato & Spinach – the Currizzas recently fought off competition from Waitrose and Morrisons to scoop the Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association’s Award for Innovation (2014).

Dave spoke more about the success of his inventive naan bread pizzas: “Like the invention of many great things, the Currizza was a happy accident. Combining two of Scotland’s favourites – curry and pizza – now seems like a no-brainer and I’m honoured to bear the weighty title of ‘Godfather of the Currizza’.

“Thanks to Curry Dave, thousands of people each week are now enjoying a taste of Italy and India in one mouthful!”

 Despite Tesco announcing plans to streamline its product offering, demand for Currizza bucked the trend with Curry Dave launched in 107 Scottish Tesco stores.

Gannon is now set to further develop the Curry Dave range to include curry sauces, bhajees and pakoras.


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