Wine bars, hispanic food and high-class fast food to be big in 2016

Published 8th Jan 2016
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

A new wave of wine bars is to take over the latest fad for craft beers, “healthy” fizzy drinks, “shaved” ice akin to Mr Frosty machines of the 1980s are set to be the big trends in the restaurant scene in 2016, according to Restaurant Magazine.

This year will also see a demand for Hispanic foods including tacos and tapas, the magazine’s editors claimed – as well as “high-class” fast food, where big name chefs team up with burger restaurants to create luxury menu items.

“This is the year that speciality businesses tap into a growing appetite to learn about wine and – even more importantly – let people enjoy it in an atmosphere that is neither pretentious, intimidating or uncomfortable,” said Restaurant Magazine.

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