World-famous Scottish hotel launches £100,000 'Horizon' whisky experience

The Balmoral has announced the launch of a unique whisky experience in partnership with The Macallan.

Published 28th May 2024
Updated 28 th May 2024

The Edinburgh hotel is the first in Scotland to secure The Macallan Horizon whisky bottle, created by two of the world’s leading brands - The Macallan and Bentley Motors.

In celebration of The Balmoral securing the rare whisky bottle it has launched a one-off £100,000 ‘Horizon Whisky Experience’ which will be available from August 2024.

The experience will include: becoming the proud owner of the world’s first horizontal whisky bottle, a personalised membership to the hotel’s exclusive SCOTCH Club, a two-night stay in The Balmoral’s presidential suite the Scone & Crombie, and a private tour and overnight stay at The Macallan Estate.

The experience begins at The Balmoral where the owner of the exclusive bottle cam spend a night in the Scone & Crombie suite, which is named after the Scottish palace of Scone in Perthshire and the historic Crombie Castle in Aberdeenshire.

Guests are invited to visit The Balmoral’s award-winning whisky bar SCOTCH where The Macallan Horizon bottle is on display inside a custom built cabinet positioned in the centre of the room. During the visit, guests may opt for a first tasting of the whisky or choose to savour it for a later date.

A membership to the elite SCOTCH club is a part of the ‘Horizon Whisky Experience’, which includes bottle residence in one of the sought after, personally engraved whisky keeps. As a member, The Balmoral’s expert Whisky Ambassadors will offer a whisky concierge service ensuring each visit to the bar is bespoke and memorable.

The following day guests will travel to The Macallan Estate, where they will be able to explore the Speyside location with a chauffeur-driven experience of discovery.

The day will include a tailored tour, private tasting session, and a gastronomic dining experience in The Macallan Distillery featuring locally sourced dishes paired with a selection of wines and whiskies.

After an overnight stay at The Macallan Estate, journey back to The Balmoral and spend the final night in the comfort of the Scone & Crombie suite.

In the evening, guests can dine at The Balmoral’s fine dining restaurant Number One and enjoy a delicious seasonal seven course tasting menu paired with wines chosen by an expert sommelier.

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Cameron Ewen, Head Whisky Ambassador and Bar Manager at SCOTCH said: “We are honoured to partner with our friends at The Macallan to bring this incredible experience to life.

"The Macallan Horizon is an extremely rare bottle which we are beyond delighted to have on display at SCOTCH, we are also ecstatic to be one of the first in the world to have purchased the whisky.

“The Horizon Whisky Experience is a one-off opportunity to become the owner of The Macallan Horizon, a member of the exclusive SCOTCH club, to explore The Macallan Estate, and enjoy a stay in one of the top suites in the world, the majestic Scone & Crombie. This luxurious experience truly honours the extraordinary bottle in style.”

Neil Skinner, Marketing Director at Edrington UK, added: “The Balmoral hotel has been a long-standing partner of The Macallan, both rooted in rich Scottish heritage and shared appreciation for outstanding hospitality.

"The Macallan Horizon experience at The Balmoral hotel showcases peak hospitality to celebrate the fusion of exceptional single malt whisky and extraordinary automotive design coming together through this visionary liquid.”

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Accommodation at The Macallan Estate is subject to availability. To find out more information on The Macallan Horizon and the whisky experience please visit: The Balmoral Horizon Whisky Experience.

The Balmoral, Princes Street, Edinburgh, UK
The Balmoral, Princes Street, Edinburgh, UK, EH2 2EQ
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