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What happens when an English person drinks Irn-Bru?

A Glaswegian has delighted Irn Bru fans by producing a step-by-step guide of what happens when an English person enjoys a can of Scotland's other national drink.

Published: August 6, 2015

David McSweeney, who runs online media site Favrify, decided to create a tongue-in-cheek version of a popular infographic showing what happens when a person drinks a can of Coke.

The hilarious guide features a picture of The Simpsons character Groundskeeper Willie, and suggests that after an hour you will be transformed into a Scot.
It reads that in the first ten minutes you will start to feel a little stronger, braver and self-assured. Your own accent will then suddenly annoy you.

After 15 minutes: You notice an interview with David Cameron on the news and feel compelled to throw your shoe at the TV. You don't know why.

The tongue in cheek infographic has become hugely popular since its launch. Picture: Favrify

Click to enlarge. Picture: Favrify

After 20 minutes: You look in the mirror and notice you are a little more handsome and muscular than before. Your voice starts to deepen.

After half an hour you have a sudden craving for a full Scottish fry-up, complete with black pudding, haggis and tattie scones, and after 50 minutes you think about joining the SNP.

Finally, an hour after consuming the bright orange drink, your transformation is complete.

Apparently, if you reach for another can, you'll then order yourself an extra large donner meat pizza, resolve to leave your Essex home and travel to God's country.

David, who shared his creation online, said it has had an enormous reception from Irn Bru fans.

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"It's been shared thousands of times in just a few days," he said. "I just did it as a laugh - I saw the popular Coke and Diet Coke infographics and thought we could put something of our own together.

"It's tongue-in-cheek and not very scientific, but a lot of people seem to be finding it funny. The infographic attracted a wealth of comments from people all over the world.

The infographic has garnered a lot of responses online, with Gerson Menezes, from San Francisco, said: "I'm ordering some now."

Elton Thrussell, from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, wrote:" I should drink a can when I come up to fit in."

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The Coca-Cola infographic, released last year, shocked readers as it explained how blood sugar spikes, your pupils dilate, your body stores sugar as fat and then you crash as your body loses nutrients after drinking a can.

A similar Diet Coke guide is even more surprising - as it explains that it affects you in the same way as cocaine within an hour.

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