Wetherspoon's carpets are art? Tumblr certainly thinks so

It's fair to say that art is subjective, however Tumblr is taking that to the extreme with a new blog dedicated to Wetherspoon's carpets as art

Published 12th Jan 2016
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Wetherspoonscarpets.tumblr.com has created a blog dedicated to the artistic masterpieces that are probably the last thing people are looking at (unless they've had a particularly heavy night) when they head into a Weatherspoons - the carpets.

With entries from Weatherspoons all across the country - including the delightfully named Mossy Well and The Wouldhave - the creator of the blog, @kitcaless,  allows anyone to submit their own entry and some of the results are well, truly bizarre.

They range from mesmerising amber beehive...

Picture: Tumblr
Picture: Tumblr

and what appears to be celtic jewellery...


To mind melting bus seat hexagons


And rather eerie skull-like flowers


So take a moment to appreciate these unheralded pieces of art and try not to think too hard on where many of the stains that might appear on some of them have came from.

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• see more of the designs or submit your very own picture of a Wetherspoons carpet at wetherspoonscarpets.tumblr.com/

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