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The most haunted pubs, bars and clubs in Scotland

If you’re looking for something seriously spooky to get up to this Halloween, we’ve got a few ideas. Combining a moderate amount of alcohol with a little paranormal activity is the perfect recipe for the most haunted night of the year.

Published: October 30, 2017

Scotland has a rich heritage of paranormal activity which stretches back to the days of faeries, kelpies and Grey men, and even in more modern times, Nessie, the Falkirk Triangle - most famously Bonnybridge - and ABC (Alien Big Cat) sightings continue to grab headlines and airtime in the nation's media.

But it's our love affair with ghosts, spectres and poltergeists which continue to capture our imaginations.

In fact, Scotland is said to be one of the most haunted countries in the world, with a report in 2013 stating that nearly 40 per cent of the population had claimed to have seen a ghost.

Famed for not only the spirits on their gantries, these are some the spookiest and most intriguing examples of Scotland's haunted pubs and bars.


(112 Stockwell St, Glasgow G1 4LW, tel: 0141 552 8681)

Haunted pubs Scotland

Picture: Trip Advisor Traveller

One of Glasgow's oldest pubs, the Scotia Bar is situated on one of the city’s first ever streets. First opened in 1792, it's no surprise there are many souls said to haunt The Scotia, including a manager who hanged himself in the cellar, a former prostitute, a landlady and an ex-bar maid in green, who has aptly been named the Green lady.

And of course, it wouldn't be a classic haunting without the ghost of a young boy - said to be aged about nine or ten and although not actually aged to drink, the young spectre, said to be the son of a former owner apparently likes to spend his time at the bar.

In 2007, a ghost hunting group known as the "Spirit Finders" ran an investigation in the pub, with one member named only as Shania, a self proclaimed psychic, able to relate the story of the cellar hanging without any supposed prior knowledge of the bar's history.

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(253 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8DL, tel: 0141 565 1000)

Picture: John Devlin

Picture: John Devlin

Sadly gone but not forgotten.

Badly dressed individuals and a lot of bad dancing were not the only thing that would have haunted you had you spent a night in Glasgow’s Arches.

Buried below Glasgow Central Station, the dark corners of the former venue are supposedly home to the ghost of a young girl in antiquated clothing.

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Witnesses, which included actors from the Alien Wars event of 2009, say she has been spotted floating between corridors and many of the cast from the aforementioned event were said to have been scared to walk alone in the venue.


(Inverarnan, North Loch Lomond G83 7DX, tel: 01301 704234)

Picture: The Drover's Inn

Picture: The Drovers Inn

The Drovers Inn on the northern road past Loch Lomond, remains almost exactly as it did when it was a popular stop-off for weary farmers leading their cattle on the way to market.

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However, this is no ordinary inn.

Those who have spent the night have reported various paranormal going on including young girls in pink dresses appearing on the stairs and being photographed while asleep.

It's apparently so haunted that the Drovers website even has a section dedicated to its numerous ghosts - and those who have stayed at the Inns accounts of their encounters with them.

If you’re looking for a good ghost story this Halloween, then look no further.

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(34 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2JU, tel: 0131 226 2806)

Picture: TSPL

Picture: TSPL

With more spirits roaming its halls than behind the bar, the White Hart Inn is one of the capital cities most haunted destinations.

Punters have reported having their hair pulled, having chutney bottles thrown at them and cables being pulled within the premises.

According to popular myth, Edinburgh’s notorious murdering duo William Burke and William Hare are supposed to have enticed several fellow drinkers away from the old pub to kill them at their nearby lodgings before selling the corpses.

A photo of one of the supposed spectres was taken by Australian tourists a few years ago.

Photo of a ghostly apparition at the White Hart Inn on the Grassmarket. Picture: Contributed

Photo of a ghostly apparition at the White Hart Inn on the Grassmarket. Picture: Contributed

Ma Cameron's, Aberdeen

( 6-8 Little Belmont St, Aberdeen AB10 1JG)

Haunted pubs Scotland

Picture: Trip Advisor Traveller

A former coaching inn, Ma Cameron's is one of the oldest bars in Aberdeen, and of course being a former coaching inn, it's also one of the city's most haunted locations.

Though the shadowy figure (supposedly a man in Georgian dress) that haunts the place is rarely seen there is said to be a lot of poltergeist activity with wall knockings, things being moved and beer pumps being turned on when no one is in the room.

The Whisky Bar at the Dornoch Castle Hotel

(Castle Street, Dornoch Sutherland IV253SD)

Picture: SWNS

These days more famous for the spirits found behind its bar, Dornoch Castle has gained many awards for its whisky bar and has even opened up a new distillery on its grounds.

However, The castle, which dates back to the 15th century, is also said to be haunted by a sheep rustler named Andrew McCornish who was imprisoned at the castle and later hanged for his crimes.

The apparition was spotted several times before the owners were forced to perform an exorcism in the 1920s to rid the castle of his spirit.

The Banshee Labyrinth

(29 - 35 Niddry St, Edinburgh, Loathian EH1 1LG, tel: 0131 558 8209)

The Banshee Labyrinth describes itself as Scotland’s most haunted pub, with the main spooky antagonist being the eponymous banshee.

With the most famous story being that of the workmen who were once renovating the infamous pub. The group were working in the closed pub when they heard a sobbing noise before finding what appeared to be a young woman with her head in hands, crying. When approached, the mysterious female lifted her face to gaze upon the workmen with eyeless sockets, and screamed a blood curdling cry that caused the labourers to flee the pub.

The story has various versions and one even has one of the workmen receiving a call few hours later informing them of the death of a family member.

Sections of the pub were once part of the infamous underground vaults of Edinburgh and this has added to the strange aura around the place, especially given the fact that many people met a grisly end in those cavernous rooms. Other stories tell of unattended pints being launched to the floor or thrown at walls.

Holly is from a small town in Ayrshire but has a big appetite for all things food and drink. Having recently graduated from university in Glasgow, she prides herself on her knowledge of the cities ever growing burger scene. She is also a self-confessed macaroni cheese addict and food blog enthusiast and enjoys keeping up to date with the latest food trends.

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