The company behind Buckfast sees profits jump

The company behind Buckfast have announced a jump in their operating profits of just over a quarter in a year, despite falling sales for the same period.  

Published 14th Jan 2016
Updated 14 th Jan 2016

J Chandler saw the rise in profits - a jump of 28% to £2.6m -despite a drop in sales, according to a report by Companies House.

The company claimed that they had taken advantage of a favourable euro exchange rate and that their negotiation of lower prices for wine had helped them to overcome the dip in their sales.

The news came as MSPs rejected a ­radical plan to tighten Scotland’s alcohol laws including tougher regulation of tonic wines with a high caffeine content

A majority of the SNP-dominated health committee decided they were not persuaded by the proposals contained in the Alcohol Bill,
Dr Simpson, a former prison doctor, drafted the bill, which called for a package including regulation of alcoholic drinks containing caffeine, restrictions on alcohol advertising and drinking banning orders.

The majority of the committee were of the belief that the Scottish Government’s forthcoming alcohol strategy offered a more effective route to address Scotland’s drink problem.

The deputy convener of the committee Bob Doris, said: “The Scottish Government has shown that they will legislate when needed in order to protect public health. However, we heard during evidence that some of the bill’s proposals may not require legislation as voluntary schemes could achieve the same outcomes.”

Committee convener Duncan McNeil of Labour said: “The majority of our members, whilst supporting the aims, couldn’t support the detail of the proposals.”

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