A distillery in Dumfries & Galloway is set to give one lucky gin fan the chance to win a very unique bottle of gin.

Crafty Distillery, a new grain to glass distillery and visitor centre based in Dumfries & Galloway have come up with a novel approach to dealing with the aftermath of the Beast from the East.

They’ve distilled a once-in-a-lifetime gin featuring fresh snow from the storm and are set to give it away to one lucky follower.

Graham Taylor, managing director said, “We’ve given the ‘Beast from the East’ a warm welcome at Crafty Distillery and infused our Hills & Harbour Gin with freshly deposited snow from right outside the distillery.

“This one of a kind gin has been chill filtered and diluted to 40 per cent with ‘Beast from the East’ blizzard-grade white stuff. This subzero special edition frosted bottle is the only one in existence, and is bound to give your taste buds a blast … a Siberian one.”

Social media users can win the only bottle of the gin in existence by liking and sharing the special facebook post, with the winner being announced next week once the storm has passed.

We’ve given the 'Beast from the East' a warm welcome and infused our Hills & Harbour Gin with freshly deposited snow…

Posted by Crafty Distillery on Thursday, March 1, 2018

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