Scottish computer company builds 'Irn-Bru PC cooling system'

Edinburgh company customises computer to create the world's first ever 'Irn-Bru PC cooling system'

Published 8th Sep 2015
Updated 9 th Sep 2015

Featuring the classic 750ml glass bottle, the system has flowing tubes to direct the orange coloured liquid coolant - sadly not actual Irn-Bru - to areas where the circuitry needs cooled.

The design is particularly poignant as Irn-Bru revokes its traditional recycling scheme for glass Irn-Bru bottles at the end of this year, forcing drinkers to find new and novel ways to re-use their bottles.

The PC was created by the PC Doctor in Edinburgh to showcase their unique customisable systems.

The Irn-Bru PC Cooling system. Picture: PCDoctor

The Irn-Bru PC Cooling system. Picture: PCDoctor

John Lawson, who owns the shop and designed the system told STV in an interview that he and his team are big fans of Scotland's other national drink, he said: "We are always drinking Irn Bru in the shop and I wanted to do something different to attract some attention.

"It was just an idea that I had using an old Irn-Bru bottle, it's just a theme I suppose. It's a concept machine that is based on water cooling. People like to make their computer more than just a machine to play games on, it's like an art form as well.

"We like to give something to people that is a bit different. It's almost like a piece of art but still functions as a normal computer."

This is not the first time Irn-Bru components have been used to cool computer systems in 2013, PC Solutions posted the following video.

John added that the Irn-Bru system is part of the shop window display and has exceeded his expectations in terms of the amount of attention it has resulted in.

"We always put something interesting in the window, but it's the first time we've done anything like that.

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"I was quite surprised how many people have been standing outside and coming in, but that was the idea to get people interested."

When the picture was posted on Facebook by a popular PC gaming company, one user commented: "What is this? Why is the case not laced with tartan cloth? It should be wearing a kilt!"

While a second user posted: "Real Scotsmen deep fry their PCs."

Before adding the following picture.

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

John stated that the system isn't for sale but he hopes it will lead to similar projects in the future as customers take inspiration from the design.

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