Sam Heughan releases Sassenach Select Tequila after sell-out success of whisky

The Outlander star has released a tequila, in collaboration with El Tequileño.

Published 10th Dec 2021
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

The Sassenach Select Double Wood Reposado tequila came about after a trip to Mexico and the realisation that here in the UK we don't have the same appreciation of the drink as elsewhere in the world.

Speaking to Forbes about the launch, Heughan said: "A couple of years ago, pre-Covid, we went to visit [Mexico]. I had very little experience with tequila. I think especially in the UK, we’re quite far behind the rest of the world in our appreciation for it. I was just completely blown.

"My eyes were opened the whole experience. We went to Tequila Town. We met Tony Salles, we met the whole family, Tequileño. Just to discover the whole process and the history and the heritage behind it. What was really fun was that we took our whisky with us.

"We were just launching. In fact, when we were there, we launched our first release of the Sassenach whisky and those guys were really excited for us. We celebrated with some whisky and they said they enjoyed it, and we enjoyed their tequila. It was really a very sort of natural, organic process.”

Heughan also commented on the similarities he found between Scotland and Mexico, making this a natural next release from the Sasseanch Spirits brand, and a follow on from The Sassenach whisky which launched in 2020 and is now back on sale in the UK.

In late 2020 Sam Heughan joined us on our podcast Scran to chat about his whisky, as well as why he chose a blend over a single malt, how it was almost made in America and his re-discovered love of Scotland through filming Outlander.

The actor also hinted at what other drinks may be released, saying: "In the future, I think we're going to start looking at other innovative spirits, whether it's whisky or something else.

"But I think a single grain (whisky) is definitely a route we want to look at as well, because they're so good - and probably the majority of what I'm drinking right now."

Find out more about the tequila here.

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Picture: Sassenach Spirits

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