L’escargot launches The Real Wine Month in Edinburgh

L’escargot, the award-winning Edinburgh restaurant legacy is launching ‘The Real Wine Month’ in honour of the labour, craft and skill of organic vine growers around the world.

Published 6th Apr 2016
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Run by Chef Proprietor Fred Berkmiller, l’escargot bleu and blanc are adding two specially selected, organic, French bottles of red wine and two organic bottles of white wine to their menu for the whole of April.


Fred Berkmiller, Chef Proprietor of the l’escargot restaurants, said:“At the core of l’escargot lies our wonderful produce and suppliers. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our produce has come from and the journey it has made to get to us.

This should be no different for our wine, and as the unofficial national drink of France you can imagine it’s something I am very passionate about.

“By growing grapevines organically, you achieve the closest representation of terroir, taste and vintage - a Real Wine. So I’m very excited to be showcasing these wines and hope it raises awareness of the labour of love given by these independent growers.”

‘Real’ wine is wine that has been made organically following the principals of organic farming. By limiting or excluding the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides in the growing process it creates a more natural product, better for the environment and us. And rumour has it; organic wine gives you less of a hangover due to its more natural creation.

L’escargot’s first wine bar was launched last year beneath l’escargot blanc in the West End of Edinburgh. For connoisseurs, wine lovers or simply those intrigued about the concept of organic wine, the bar à vin is offering a chance to try all four with a wine flight for £12. This is available with food or enjoyed by itself. Along with a range of traditional French cheese and charcuterie, it also offers a selection of over 20 organic bottles of wine.

Fred Berkmiller and his wife Betty opened their first restaurant in the Grassmarket in 1998, setting up in the West End a few years later with what is now l’escargot blanc, with sister restaurant l’escargot bleu opening in 2009. The l’escargot restaurants and wine bar offer a welcoming, authentic atmosphere, tempting even the shyest of customers to try out their broken French on the friendly staff.

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