Juicy-Ness urges early birds to swap espresso for revitalising Ginger Shots

Published 27th Aug 2015
Updated 12 th Sep 2023

Could you do without a daily dose of coffee? Alison Macleod, an Inverness-based entrepreneur who runs a juice and soup business, has been working to convince the public to opt for a healthier alternative to the short, sharp shock of a morning espresso.

Macleod's Juicy-Ness firm, which was only set up in June last year, has launched a special cocktail to compete with the miniature Italian brew: Ginger Shots, a zesty mix of raw ginger and lemon, said to awaken the body in the same way as its caffeinated equivalent does.

Ms Macleod has already road-tested the drink at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, where revellers were sold the shots for £1.

She said: “I run my business from our family home, working around the school run and out of school activities. Our juices and soups are made fresh each morning for clients to collect on their way to work and are available from 7.30am onwards.

"We also offer a fresh daily delivery service to homes and workplaces in Inverness with the option to receive your order in bulk frozen to store at home if this is more convenient. Frozen orders can also be couriered nationwide.

"Our new 'Ginger Shots' can be added onto any order from £1 per day or bought frozen in a monthly supply for £30, perfect for replacing your daily caffeine fix with a shot of raw natural ingredients which will awaken your body and help you feel more alert."

Ms Macleod only uses whole foods, no additives and all products are naturally gluten and wheat free and vegan friendly, and all are sourced locally.

The ginger healthy shots are available to buy in a month’s supply for £30.

For more information see http://www.juicy-ness.co.uk. You can find Juicy-Ness on their Facebook page, JuicyNessHQ, or tweet @Juicy_Ness1

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