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Edinburgh's Rose Street gets bespoke gin named after it

Two Scottish craft distillers are bringing their Rose Street Gin to Edinburgh's Christmas Market

Published: December 17, 2015

Rose Street now has a specially distilled gin named after it, inspired by the rose botanicals used by two Scottish craft distillers who have brought it to St Andrews Square for the Edinburgh Christmas Market.

The brand new gin is distilled with 12 botanicals to mark the 12 days of Christmas.


Strathearn Distillery in Perthshire is the smallest distillery in Scotland and Dunnet Bay Distillery in Caithness is the most northerly mainland distillery. They share a love of handcrafted, high quality gin and decided to combine their expertise and favourite botanicals to make a new tipple.

Stuart McMillan, manager of Strathearn Distillery, explains how Rose Street Gin came about. He said: “Dunnet Bay distills their own Rock Rose gin and Strathearn distills Heather Rose Gin so we already share a rose connection. Since the Edinburgh Christmas Market in St Andrews Square is literally only a few yards from Rose Street – the inspiration was obvious.”

The Rose Street Gin is made with three types of juniper berries, coriander, citrus peels, rose petals, honey berries and foraged berries for a clear, London Dry style gin. It is available in gift packs or 50cl bottles.

Claire Murray, who owns Dunnet Bay Distillery with her husband Martin, said: “The interest in handcrafted Scottish gin is huge. People are more knowledgeable about drinks and they want to know exactly where their gin has come from and what it is made of. The interest in Rose Street Gin and Scottish craft distilling has been fantastic in Edinburgh.”

Both distillers are members of the Scottish Craft Distillers Association, which encourages the growth of craft distilling.

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