Finalists announced for the Scottish Beer Awards 2017

The finalists in the second annual Scottish Beer Awards have been announced with 36 breweries and 146 beers, all brewed in Scotland, progressing to the finals of the national competition.

Published 9th Jun 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023
The successful candidates represent just over half of the entered beers received in the highly regarded programme sponsored by supermarket chain ALDI.

The awards cover both taste and business performance and were judged last week by a highly experienced judging panel consisting of some of Scotland’s foremost brewing and beer experts.

Of the finalists, Borders-based Tempest Brewing leads the race with 12 beers reaching the finals in the taste categories.  Stewart Brewing are next with 9 beers and Cromarty Brewing, the rural brewery based in the Black Isle, have 8 beers in the finals.

Five breweries will fight it out for the ultimate award presented, The Scottish Brewery of the Year presented by ALDI.

BrewDog, Fyne Ales, Innis & Gunn, Stewart Brewing and last year’s winner, Tempest Brewing Co.

266 Scottish beers were tasted by 27 judges and were marked according to a range of tasting standards, managed by the international sensory management consultancy, Cara Technology.

In addition 83 written entries covering breweries’ business performance in marketing, innovation and product development, debated in a session which was chaired by former S&N Technical and Quality Director, Hilary Jones.  She commented: “To make it to the final stage is an achievement in itself.
"Due to the huge surge in the volume and range of beer entered this year, only around half of the entered beers have progressed to this stage.

“The beers which have made it to the final had to achieve a high standard of marks in the rigorous tasting session all of which was conducted blind and managed by the excellent technical team at Cara Technology.

“The finalists we have selected in the business awards clearly demonstrate the strength and potential of the brewing industry in Scotland.”

In the business categories, a new category has been created for Breakthrough Brewery of the Year to recognise the exceptional potential of new breweries trading within the last two years which have managed to create a range of successful products.

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The finalists are Cross Borders Brewing, Dead End Brew Machine, Fierce Brewing, The Ferry Brewery and Up Front Brewing.

Finalists are now being sent a digital marketing package to enable personalised branding of finalist beers to take place.  The finalists will also receive branding support in the aisles of ALDI supermarkets in Scotland.

Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director for ALDI in Scotland, said: “ALDI has been a big fan of Scottish brewing for many years and craft beer will always have a place on our shelves.

“It’s a great pleasure to be the headline sponsor of the Scottish Beer Awards for the second year running. Scotland’s beer industry is booming and we’re incredibly proud at ALDI to have worked with so many of the amazing breweries shortlisted at these awards.

"The success the industry is experiencing has been a long time coming, and the quality of the beer produced in Scotland is truly world class. We wish all the finalists the very best of luck”

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All medal winners will be announced at an awards celebration and gourmet beer-paired hosted by Hardeep Singh Kohli, on Thursday 28 September 2017 at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange.

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Best Amber Dark Ale

Barneys Beer, Red Rye

BrewDog, 5AM Saint

Cairngorm Brewery, Wildcat

Cromarty Brewing, Red Rocker

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Fyne Ales, Maverick

Innis & Gunn Brewing Company, I&G Maple & Thistle 150

Loch Ness Brewery, Lochness

Orkney Brewery, Dark Island

Stewart Brewing, Embra

Stewart Brewing, St. Giles

The Ferry Brewery, Ferry Witches

Williams Bros. Brewing Co, Pavlov's Dog

Best Amplified Beer

Black Isle Brewing Co, Migrator

Eden Mill, Rock Liquor

Fyne Ales, Mill & Hills

Orkney Brewery, Dark Island Reserve

Orkney Brewery, Skull Splitter

Stewart Brewing, Problem Solved

Tempest Brewing Co, In the Dark We Live Dark Fruits

Tempest Brewing Co, Marmalade on Rye

Tempest Brewing Co, Double Shuck

Tempest Brewing Co, The Alligator Man

Best Barrell Aged Beer

Belhaven Brewery, Speyside Oak Aged Blonde

Black Isle Brewing Co, Barrel-aged Oatmeal Stout Islay Edition

Black Isle Brewing Co, Barrel-aged Oatmeal Stout Morangie Edition

Black Wolf Brewery, 1488 Premium Whisky Beer

Cromarty Brewing, Anniversary

Eden Mill, Chilli and Ginger Porter

Innis & Gunn Brewing Company , I&G Rum Finish

Innis & Gunn Brewing Company , I&G Original

Innis & Gunn Brewing Company , I&G Irish Whiskey Finish

Tennent Caledonian Breweries Ltd, Whisky Oak

Tennent Caledonian Breweries Ltd, Caledonia Hop Scotch

The Ferry Brewery,  Looney Brew

Best British Style Ale     

Belhaven Brewery, Scottish Ale

Belhaven Brewery, 80 Shilling

Cairngorm Brewery, Nessie's Monster Mash

Caledonian, Edinburgh Castle

Fyne Ales, Highlander

Inveralmond Brewery, Lia Fail

Jaw Brew, Hardtack

Orkney Brewery, Red Macgregor

Orkney Brewery, Puffin Ale

Spey Valley Brewery, David's Not So Bitter

The Ferry Brewery, Ferry Crossing

The Ferry Brewery, 40/-FINE

Best Fruit Beer

Belhaven Brewery, Twisted Grapefruit IPA

Black Isle Brewing Co, 23 Trees

BrewDog, Elvis Juice

Cromarty Brewing,  Spruced Up

Drygate Brewing Company,  Disco Forklift Truck

Fallen Brewing, Big Raspberry Dog Chew

Fierce Beer, Cranachan Killer

Fierce Beer, Kindred Kunindra

Fyne Ales, The Witch

Fyne Ales,  The Merchant

Innis & Gunn Brewing Company,  I&G Raspberry Saison

Williams Bros. Brewing Co, Fraoch

Best IPA              

Barneys Beer, Volcano IPA

Belhaven Brewery, Twisted Thistle IPA

Bellfield Brewery, Lawless Village IPA

BrewDog, Jack Hammer

BrewDog, Punk IPA

Cromarty Brewing, Whiteout

Drygate Brewing Company, Seven Peaks

Fallen Brewing, Local Motive

Fierce Beer, Night Shift

Innis & Gunn Brewing Company , I&G Gunnpowder IPA

Jaw Brew, Drop

Loch Lomond Brewery, Out of Range

Park Brew, Townhead

Spey Valley Brewery, Stillman’s IPA

St Andrews Brewing Company, Yippie IPA

Stewart Brewing, Ka Pai

Tempest Brewing Co, Tempest IPA

Tempest Brewing Co, Brave New World

Tennent Caledonian Breweries Ltd, Tennent’s Export IPA

Up Front Brewing, Ishmael

Best Lager Pilsner

Belhaven Brewery, Intergalactic Lager

Belhaven Brewery, Craft Pilsner

Black Wolf Brewery, Coulls

Brewgooder, Clean Water Lager

Cairngorm Brewery, Cairngorm Gold

Cromarty Brewing, Kool Runnings

Cromarty Brewing, Arctic Swell

Drygate Brewing Company, Chimera

Edinburgh Beer Factory, Paolozzi

Fallen Brewing, New World Odyssey

Keith Brewery Ltd, Larger Keith

Loch Ness Brewery, Saaziness

Orkney Brewery, Orkney Gold

Out of Town, Killer Steam

Stewart Brewing, Franz

Tempest Brewing Co, Modern Helles

Up Front Brewing / Alechemy Brewing, Kalamansi IPL

Williams Bros. Brewing Co, Caesar Augustus

Best Pale Ale

Barneys Beer, Good Ordinary Pale

Caledonian, Coast to Coast

Cromarty Brewing, Happy Chappy

Cross Borders Brewing Company Ltd, Pale

Cross Borders Brewing Company Ltd, Braw

Deeside Brewery, APA

Eden Mill, 19th Brew

Fallen Brewing, Grapevine

Fallen Brewing, Just the Ticket

Fyne Ales, Jarl

Jaw Brew, Spinnaker

Loch Lomond Brewery,  Southern Summit

Loch Lomond Brewery, Loch, Stock and Barrel

Orkney Brewery, Corncrake Ale

Stewart Brewing, Radical Road

Stewart Brewing, Cascadian East

Stewart Brewing, Hollyrood

Tempest Brewing Co, Long White Cloud

The Ferry Brewery, Ferry Fair

Williams Bros. Brewing Co, Birds & Bees

Best Porter       

Barneys Beer, Capital Porter

Cromarty Brewing, Ghost Town

Cross Borders Brewing Company Ltd, Porter

Dead End Brew Machine, Rigor Portis

Fallen Brewing, Blackhouse

Fierce Beer, Café Racer

Jaw Brew, Fathom

Out of Town, Glasgow Porter

St Andrews Brewing Company, Chai Porter

Tempest Brewing Co, Red Eye Flight

The Ferry Brewery, Thomas Miller

Williams Bros. Brewing Co, Midnight Sun

Best Sours

Black Isle Brewing Co. w Black Flag Brewing, Gose

Fierce Beer, Tropical Tart

Fyne Ales, Ich Bin Ein Berryliner

Stewart Brewing, They're Coming to Get Rhu Barbara

Tempest Brewing Co, Drop Kick Me Jesus

Tempest Brewing Co, Mango Berlinner

Tempest/ Pilot/ Fallen/ Cromarty,  Spring: Rhubarb & Citrus Sour

Best Stout          

BrewDog, Jet Black Heart

Cairngorm Brewery, Black Gold

Drygate Brewing Company, Orinoco

Fallen Brewing, Chew Chew

Keith Brewery Ltd, Stout Keith

Loch Lomond Brewery, Silkie Stout

Loch Ness Brewery, Darkness

Spey Valley Brewery, Spiced Oot

St Andrews Brewing Company, Oatmeal Stout

Tennent Caledonian Breweries Ltd, Tennent’s Export Stout

The Ferry Brewery, Ferry Stout

Up Front Brewing, Ahab


Beer Bar of the Year      

Black Isle Brewing Co

Drygate Brewing Co

St Andrews Brewing Company

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company

Beer Destination of the Year     

Black Isle Brewing Co, Munlochy, The Black Isle, Highland.

Eden Mill, Guardbridge, Fife

Fyne Ales, Argyll

Stewart Brewing, Edinburgh

Tennent's Wellpark Brewery, Glasgow

The Orkney Brewery, Orkney

Excellence in Marketing              

Barneys Beer

Bellfield Brewery

Cross Borders Brewing Company

Fierce Beer

Keith Brewery Ltd

Tennent Caledonian Breweries

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company

Exporter of the Year      

Belhaven Brewery

Tempest Brewing Co

Tennent Caledonian Breweries

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company

Growth Business of the Year     

Caledonian Brewing Company

Edinburgh Beer Factory

Keith Brewery Ltd

Spey Valley Brewery

Tempest Brewing Co

Innovation of the Year 

Bellfield Brewery


Jaw Brew

Out of Town Brewing

Tennent Caledonian Breweries

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company

Master Brewer of the Year

Tony Kotronis, Keith Brewery Ltd

David MacDonald, Spey Valley Brewery

Steve Stewart, Stewart Brewing

Keith Lugton, Tennent Caledonian Breweries

Ken Duncan, Innis & Gunn Brewing Company

Scott Williams, Williams Bros. Brewing Co.

Product Development Team of the Year

Dead End Brew Machine

Deeside Brewery

Fallen Brewing

Loch Lomond Brewery

Stewart Brewing

Tempest Brewing Co

The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company

Breakthrough Brewery of the Year

Cross Borders Brewing

Dead End Brew Machine

Fierce Brewing

The Ferry Brewery

Up Front Brewing

Scottish Brewery of the Year


Fyne Ales

Innis & Gunn

Stewart Brewing

Tempest Brewing Co


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