Fife distillery Lindores Abbey to release first whisky for public purchase

The Lindores Abbey whisky will soon be available to buy.

Published 16th Jun 2021
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

The first whisky from Lindores Abbey Distillery to be made available for purchase by the public will be released on July 2 – a mere 527 years after distillation was first recorded at the abbey in 1494.

While 1494 bottles of the inaugural Lindores Abbey release were dispatched for the ‘1494’ Society members in the spring, the two new releases are the first to be made available for purchase by the public.

They are the Lindores Single Malt MCDXCIV (1494) Commemorative release and the Lindores Single Malt MCDXCIV, both containing the same exquisite Lowland single malt spirit with the Commemorative release being presented with a label marking the occasion.

Drew McKenzie Smith, founder and MD of Lindores Abbey Distillery, said: “It is wonderful to announce a date for our first general release, as we know our fans across the world have been keen to enjoy a sip of whisky history.

"The response to our inaugural members’ release was hugely positive and we are delighted to be able to now share the Commemoratively labelled Lindores and Lindores MCDXCIV.

"The thinking behind this is that we want all our whisky to be accessible and enjoyed rather than only collected.

"If people want to enjoy our product they can do so even if they are not fortunate enough to obtain a commemoratively labelled bottle.”

Both the Commemorative and the MCDXCIV Single Malts will be available to purchase from a variety of independent retailers and stockists, a full list of which can be found on the Lindores website.

The Core release will also be available directly for purchase at the distillery or online.

This article first appeared our sister site Fife Today.

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