Drinks expert Sean Murphy releases new gin book - The Scottish Gin Bible

Drinks expert Sean Murphy has written a second book on Scottish gin.

Published 22nd Mar 2022
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

The Scottish Gin Bible is billed as the new 'must-have guide to gin' and is the second book on gin by drinks expert Sean Murphy.

A detailed and illustrated book on the popular Scottish spirit, The Scottish Gin Bible features fascinating stories behind the flavours, brands and recipes of 100 Scottish gins.

The ideal way to explore Scottish gin, the book features cocktail ideas for every palate and occasion – from a classic Edinburgh Gin martini to a Wild Island blackberry mojito.

This bible is an companion for gin lovers across Scotland and the UK, along with gin-loving visitors from around the world.

The guide also explores the revival of Scottish gin, fuelled in part by the boom in small craft distilleries that have transformed the market.

Now 70% of the UK’s gin is made in Scotland. The Scottish Gin Bible gives a unique and informative look into gin producers across the country, sharing the stories and knowledge of their craft, as well as a refreshing range of boutique products to experience.

Of his new book, Sean Murphy said: “The Scottish Gin Bible will take up where Gin Galore left, telling the stories of Scotland’s gin producers and providing an introductory glimpse at their incredible gins.

"I’m excited to once again be able to show off the incredible gin scene that’s thriving up and down in the country from the Borders to the Shetland Isles, despite the problems caused by the pandemic.

"It has been truly amazing to not only get back in touch with the faces from the first book but also be able to introduce a whole selection of new gins.

"If you are a fan of gin, or if you’re new to the scene, the book will offer suggested serves, cocktails and garnishes for all of these amazing gins.”

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