The Aldi Scottish Beer Festival is back - with beers from £1.49

The Scottish Beer Festival is back in Aldi stores this week.

Published 27th Apr 2022
Updated 27 th Apr 2022

Aldi has revealed the line-up for its 26th Scottish Beer Festival, which will showcase 25 craft beers from eleven breweries across the country, including several retail exclusives.  

Kicking off in-store from Thursday 28 April, the festival will take place across all of Aldi’s 101 Scottish stores in a deal worth over £86,000 to the breweries involved, with prices starting at just £1.49.  

Aldi’s Scottish Beer Festival is known for celebrating the vast range of beers, lagers and ales brewed across all corners of Scotland.

This spring’s festival will give customers the chance to try everything from tropical pilsners to spicy sour ales and vanilla porters to crisp IPAs. 

As part of the in-store activation, Aldi shoppers will have the chance to try a range of award-winning craft beers from Aberdeen-based Fierce Beer, which was recently crowned Scottish Brewery of the Year at the 2021 Scottish Beer Awards.  

The multi-award-winning brewery took home 11 medals for its unique concoctions and will feature five of its brews in Aldi’s festival line-up.

Its gold medal-winning Café Racer Coffee & Vanilla Porter, which is fuelled with locally roasted Sumatran espresso coffee and Madagascan Vanilla, is just one of the brewery’s quirky beers that customers can enjoy at everyday Aldi prices.  

This spring’s line-up will also feature Edinburgh-based Stewart Brewing’s Ka Pai South Pacific Pale Ale.

The light-bodied brew, which balances notes of passion fruit, mango, and lychee, will be stocked as an exclusive to Aldi Scotland.

The popular beer also took home a gold award at the 2021 Scottish Beer Awards for Best Pale Ale.  

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Peterhead-based Brew Toon Beers will also be included in Aldi’s Spring festival.

Customers have the chance to try the brewery’s J’Ale Riot Red Ale, which has a strong caramel and biscuit nose with a hoppy full-strength punch, and their Pineapple Pils Tropical Pilsner, a blend of crisp malts combined with fresh pineapples and tropical hops. 

Graham Nicolson, Group Buying Director, Aldi Scotland, said: “Our Scottish Beer Festivals always prove popular with our customers.

"The craft beer industry continues to thrive in Scotland, and I am proud that the relationships we have built with local breweries over the years mean our customers can enjoy a variety of unique brews at everyday amazing Aldi prices.

"There really is something for everyone to enjoy.” 

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Celebrating the 10th year of Scottish Beer Festivals, products will be available in store from 28 April.

Visit the Aldi website to find out more. You can find you nearest Aldi here.  

Full list of breweries and products featured in Aldi’s Scottish Beer Festival: 


  • Peloton Pilsner £1.49 (330ml, 4.1% ABV) 
  • Echelon Session Pale Ale £1.49 (330ml, 3.8% ABV) 

Barney’s Beer 

  • Glory Days Wheat IPA £1.79 (440ml, 4.2% ABV) 
  • Red Rye IPA £1.79 (440ml, 4.0% ABV) 

Brew Toon 

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  • The J’ale Riot Red Ale £1.79 (440ml, 5.5% ABV) 
  • Pineapple Pils Tropical Pilsner £1.79 (440ml, 4.5% ABV) 

Broughton Ales 

  • HOPO 6.2 IPA £1.59 (500ml, 6.7% ABV) 
  • Old Jock Scotch Ale £1.75 (500ml, 6.7% ABV) 
  • Old Jock’s Classic IPA £1.79 (500ml, 5.9% ABV) 

Fierce Beer 

  • SQURL Nut Brown Ale £1.79 (440ml, 5.2% ABV) 
  • Fuego Sour Spicy Sour Ale £1.79 (440ml, 4.5% ABV) 
  • Smashable Session Hazy Pale Ale £1.79 (440ml, 4.0% ABV) 
  • Coconut Moose Mousse Coconut & Chocolate Stout £1.79 (440ml, 4.5% ABV) 
  • Café Racer Coffee & Vanilla Porter £1.99 (440ml, 6.5% ABV) 

Glasgow Beer Works 

  • Pioneer Citrus IPA £1.49 (330ml, 4.0% ABV) 
  • Session Light IPA £1.49 (330ml, 3.2% ABV) 

Inveralmond Brewery 

  • Lia Fail Rich Malty Amber Ale £1.79 (500ml, 4.1% ABV) 

Orkney Brewery  

  • Dragonhead Stout £1.79 (500ml, 4.0% ABV) 
  • Dark Island Dark Ale £1.59 (500ml, 4.6% ABV) 
  • Cliff Edge IPA £1.59 (500ml, 4.7% ABV) 

Isle of Skye Brewing Co 

  • Skye Black Dark Ale £1.79 (500ml, 4.5% ABV) 
  • Skye Blaven Golden Ale £1.79 (500ml, 4.7% ABV) 

Stewart Brewing 

  • Kai Pai Pale Ale £1.79 (440ml, 5.2% ABV) 

Tempest Brewing Co 

  • Pale Armadillo IPA £1.79 (440ml, 3.8% ABV) 
  • Modern Helles Lager £1.79 (440ml, 4.1% ABV) 

Known for cake making, experimental jam recipes, Champagne, whisky and gin drinking (and the inability to cook Gnocchi), Rosalind is the Food and Drink Editor and whisky writer for The Scotsman, as well as hosting Scran, The Scotsman's food and drink podcast.
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