BrewDog to 'reclaim lunch breaks' by offering free pints to Scottish office workers this week

The Scottish brewing giant is striving to help workers in Scotland reclaim their lunch break by offering to buy two pints of beer for them and a colleague.

Published 25th Nov 2019
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The move by BrewDog to offer workers free pints was prompted by recent research, which found that 77 per cent of UK office workers spend their entire lunch break at their desk.

Despite this, 57 per cent of the UK workforce would welcome the return of the lunchtime pint as a means of switching off - with only 11 per cent saying that they are encouraged to socialise away from the office.

The campaign, which is titled Out of Office, aims to start a fight back against our culture of 'always being on', and will give people the chance to enjoy time away from work with their colleagues.

Starting this working week - Monday to Friday -, BrewDog is offering to buy two pints of beer or alcohol-free beer for colleagues every lunchtime between 12-2pm across the 16 bars in Scotland.

Brewdog, who were founded in Fraserburgh, have bars in Perth, St Andrews, Stirling, Dundee along with two in Glasgow, three in Edinburgh and seven in Aberdeenshire.

The initiative comes after new research revealed half of office workers (49 per cent) feel a visit to the pub or a bar at lunchtime is a key part of so-called British culture.

However, two-thirds of office workers in the UK (66 per cent) feel it’s no longer a common occurrence or is frowned upon by bosses.

BrewDog is working with author of ‘Happiness is Here’ Susanna Newsonen on the campaign between Monday 25 to Friday 29 November.

Susanna said: “Your brain needs regular breathers throughout your day. Going totally offline and away from your desk at lunch is vital in helping you to recharge your batteries and better deal with stress."

To find out more about BrewDog's Out of Office campaign, click here.

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