Boë Gin opens virtual 'Cocktail Club' and everyone is invited

Boë Gin is pulling together a line up of some of the country's top bartenders to help launch a new virtual Cocktail Club. Boë Gin is pulling together a line up of some of the country's top bartenders to help launch a new virtual Cocktail Club. 

Published 3rd Apr 2020
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

The hottest opening this week, the new club will see the mixologists show viewers how they can bring a touch of class to their weekend tipples.

Speaking about the new event Andrew Richardson, director at Boë Gin, said: "No cocktail shaker? No problem. Guest bartenders will use items readily available to most households to help make your cocktail taste like it was mixed by a Pro. This is an opportunity to fast-track your cocktail-making skills and learn some of the secrets of the trade."

The first event, which is open to anyone over the age of 18, will take place this Saturday (4th March) at 7pm with travelling bartender Neil Patterson – who has created cocktails for the likes of Joey Essex and Amy MacDonald – opening the doors to the virtual club on Facebook Live.

Neil will be on-air to answer any questions from guests, as well as creating a range of "spectacularly easy" at-home cocktails - all to a soundtrack from the club’s personal Spotify playlist.

The team said there will also be some special VIP discounts and prizes on offer to viewers and that this will be the first in a series of Boe Cocktail Club nights taking place every Saturday over the coming weeks, helping viewers turn their living rooms into the new cocktail bar.

Andrew Richardson added: “Despite a change of venue, the last thing we want everyone to do is feel bored at home on their weekends.

"We want to give them a chance to learn some easy at-home cocktails with some of the UK’s best bartenders - a chance to add some colour and fun to a night spent staying in.”

The virtual club doors open from 7pm and can be accessed through the Boë Gin Facebook page. A 10 per cent discount code for Boe’s online shop will also be available on the night for anyone wishing to purchase a bottle to try a recipe themselves.

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