Benromach unveils unique single cask 1974 malt whisky

Benromach distillery has announced the launch of a unique new single cask malt Scotch whisky - the Benromach 1974.

Published 13th Jun 2016
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

After 41 years maturing in a sherry butt, Benromach 1974 (ABV 49.1%) is a wonderful golden amber colour with a nose described as being "full of opulent sherry influences infused with plump sultana, sharp green apple and zesty orange peel flavours, with rich underlying hints of beeswax polish, menthol and dark chocolate".

The Speyside malt comes in a distinctive decanter-style bottle; the contours of the neck and shoulder line sculpted to represent copper stills whilst a copper-coloured neck collar has been added to provide "a luxurious touch".

The designers say the presentation box is inspired by the home of Benromach, also reflecting the copper of the stills in use today, as well as the dark, grained wood of the original washbacks and the white of the lime washed distillery walls.

A book also accompanies the whisky, delving into the Benromach history as well as providing whisky fans with some fascinating stories about the people behind the whisky.

main2The limited edition dates back to a time before the Urquhart family brought Benromach Distillery back to life in the 1990s and as Distillery Manager Keith Cruickshank explains, it’s a very special dram: “Benromach 1974, cask number 1583, is incredibly rare, as very few casks of Benromach remain from that time. This whisky has matured for many years in a single sherry butt and we have now decided to release it for savouring and enjoying today. For all of us at the distillery, this is a moment to be treasured.”

Former Distiller Tom Anderson, who still lives in a cottage at the distillery, was one of the men to witness the filling of the last casks at Benromach, and proudly signed his name on the wall of the filling store. Former malt man and warehouseman, Willie McArthur, was responsible for tending to the precious casks.

Keith Cruickshank added: “Pour your dram of Benromach 1974 and settle down for an incredible journey through the history of Benromach. This is a whisky for those who take their whisky seriously and want the chance to try something which is particularly special because of its rarity.”

There are 452 bottles of the limited edition Benromach 1974 available worldwide at specialist whisky retailers with an RRP of £1200.

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Benromach 1974 distillery tasting notes

The look - Golden amber colour created by lingering for 41 years in a sherry butt as the whisky grew and matured in character.

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Nose - enjoy the opulent sherry influences infused with plump sultana, sharp green apple and zesty orange peel aromas. Underlying all these are rich hints of beeswax polish and menthol.

Body - Ripe banana, succulent raspberries and blackcurrants.

These develop into hints of dark chocolate, leading to a long and smooth finish.

With a few drops of water - a veritable fruit bowl of bananas, pears and red apples emerges, complemented by hints of charred oak. Finally, a superb liquorice and dark praline edge combines with a trace of smoke on the finish.

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