3 great cocktails to enjoy this Hogmanay

Looking for the perfect tipple to bring in the New Year with? We asked Mateo Ortiz, head barman at Dine with Stuart Muir, to create three great cocktails that are perfect for Hogmanay celebrations.

Published 28th Dec 2015
Updated 4 th Jan 2016

The Dine Cosmopolitan

Dine Cosmopolitan

A Cosmopolitan is a classic cocktail. The key is to double strain the liquid. We also serve it with lime foam at Dine, which just elevates the cocktail to make it really special.


• 25ml Belvedere Vodka
• 25ml Cointreau
• 50ml cranberry juice
• 5-10ml lime juice
• ½ teaspoon grated lime
• ½ teaspoon grated orange


Ice a Martini glass

Add the vodka, Cointreau and cranberry juice to a shaker, and shake the ingredients together

Double strain the liquid through a sieve

At Dine, we add lime foam, but if you don’t have lime foam, you can use lime juice, just to give a hint of bitterness to the cocktail
Garnish with grated lime and orange

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The Bulletproof by Dine

Bulletproof Festive Cocktail copy
This is one of my favourite cocktails. I wanted to make something really different that stood out, and this is the result. I shared it on social media and it immediately caught attention which inspired me to perfect the recipe for our menu at Dine. We serve this cocktail with figs which we infuse for 1 month in the bourbon which makes them absolutely delicious.


• 25ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
• 25ml Bulleit Bourbon
• 20ml maple syrup
• 1 shot of lemon
• Sprinkling of cracked black pepper
• Dusting of cinnamon
• Dried fig to garnish


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Add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and mix together well

Ice a Coupette glass

Pour the liquid through a fine sieve, straight into the glass

We garnish this cocktail with a fig infused in Bourbon, but you can use a dried fig, and a dehydrated fig slice

The Dine Winter Warmer

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Winter Warmer Festive Cocktail (1)

This is our unique Dine take on mulled wine. It’s a little indulgent - rich, warm and abundant in winter spices and flavours that balance the richness perfectly. For me, this is absolutely perfect after a day’s sale shopping, or after dinner with friends.


• 1 bottle of red wine (use something fruity and light. We use a Montepulciano at Dine)
• 200g dark chocolate – min 70% cocoa
• 1 ½ shots of Maker’s Mark
• ½ shot Licor 43

In a pan, add the red wine and reduce by half

Add 100g chocolate and melt it down

Keep simmering, then take off the heat but keep it at room temperature

Add the Maker’s Mark and Licor 43, and heat up the mixture gently

We do this by adding the mixture to a small tin, lighting it with lighter and blazing it ten times. The flavour you achieve it incredible. If you’re too nervous about trying this at home, you can take two small tins and place over two slightly larger tins of hot water, and pour from one to the other ten times

Serve in a small expresso cup and garnish with cinnamon stick and dried lemon and orange slices

• Try these cocktails and more at Dine with Stuart Muir

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