These are best and worst supermarket Christmas stollens available now

With Christmas just around the corner, you may already be starting to stock your cupboards with sweet treats for the festive period.

Published 9th Dec 2020
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

If stollen is one of your festive favourites - and at the top of your shopping list - then the supermarket aisles are stacked high with plenty of choice. But which of these supermarket stollens are the best?

M&S Collection 5 Stollen Slices - £3

supermarket stollens

Picture: M&S

Deliciously delicate, the M&S stollen slices are the perfect size for an afternoon treat.

Filled with plenty of fruit and packing just the right amount of boozy punch, these individual slices are perfect for handing around to family and friends this Christmas. 4/5 

Waitrose Cherry and Amaretto stollen - £9

Waitrose’s stollen opts for a combination of amaretto and marzipan rather than the use of rum, which is perfect for those fond of the Italian liqueur.

The stollen is plentiful with juicy chunks of sweet fruit and provides a moreish snack this festive season. 4/5

Asda Extra Special Caramel Stollen Loaf - £4.89

supermarket stollens

Picture: Asda

Asda’s caramel stollen provides a twist on the classic stollen by adding a rich layer of gooey caramel both inside and on the top.

The stollen also features plenty of sweet, but refreshing pieces of fruit, and although it’s very filling, it’s the perfect choice for those with a sweet tooth. 5/5

Sainsbury's Hand Decorated Fruit and Nut Stollen Taste the Difference - £7

supermarket stollens

Sainsbury’s fruit and nut stollen boasts delicious, soft sponge, which is packed with just the right amount of juicy vine fruit, and infused with sweet brandy.

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The stollen is covered in almonds, dusted in icing sugar, and topped with glace cherries, giving it the perfect balance of taste and texture. 5/5

Tesco Finest Cherry & Almond Stollen - £7

Picture: Tesco

Tesco’s cherry and almond stollen is quite dense in texture, and a little dry in places.

The fruit is soft and sweet and there’s a gentle, subtle flavour, but overall, it doesn’t quite pack a punch. 2/5

Lidl Deluxe Luxury Stollen - £4.99

Lidl’s stollen is also a little dry in places and doesn’t seem to contain as much fruit.

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However, you can really taste the rich, velvety Jamaican rum, which gives it a really nice flavour. 3/5

Morrisons Fruit Stollen - £1.70

Morrisons fresh fruit stollen from the bakery is actually more of a teacake/hot cross bun in texture compared to the other supermarket stollens listed above.

However, it contains sweet raisins and currants, and a sugary layer of marzipan, evoking all the classic flavours of a classic stollen. 2/5

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