From a traditional fruit and nut loaf to a more contemporary chocolate orange wreath, there’s plenty of stollen available in UK supermarkets this festive season.

Not sure which one is for you? Here is our review of some of the best and worst supermarket stollens available for Christmas 2018.

Waitrose Dark Chocolate & Orange Stollen Wreath – £9

It looks absolutely nothing like a traditional stollen but this delicious dark chocolate and orange wreath from Waitrose is still one of the tastiest this Christmas. More like a sponge than a loaf, this ‘stollen’ controversially doesn’t even taste like stollen. A purist might turn their nose up to it but it’s still one of the best. 4.5/5

Tesco Finest Cherry & Almond Stollen – £7

Unfortunately for Tesco this isn’t one of the finest supermarket stollens available this Christmas. Although the Cherry and Almond Stollen has a decent helping of fruit and nuts it just doesn’t hit the spot and doesn’t leave the best after taste either. 2/5

Tesco Finest Cherry & Almond Stollen

Tesco’s Finest Cherry & Almond Stollen (Photo: Tesco)

Lidl Deluxe Premium Rum Stollen – £3.99

There’s no overriding flavour to this heavy stollen loaf from Lidl and it’s pretty dry but it’s still one of the cheapest on the market, so we’ll give it that. 3/5

Marks & Spencer Festive Stollen Cake – £8

Filled with enormous lumps of marzipan, this Festive Stollen Cake from Marks & Spencer looks festive enough but just doesn’t deliver. It’s one of the more expensive stollens available too, and for the price we expected much more. 2/5

Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Topped Stollen – £4.49

This sugary offering from Aldi feels more authentic than the others and has a nice
helping of marzipan and cherries throughout, plus the apricot glaze and Black Forest Cherry kirsch gives it a sweet hit often missing from stollen. 4/5

ASDA Extra Special Chocolate Hazelnut & Amaretto Stollen Loaf

ASDA’s Extra Special Chocolate Hazelnut & Amaretto Stollen Loaf (Photo: Asda)

ASDA Extra Special Chocolate Hazelnut & Amaretto Stollen Loaf – £5.50

Like Waitrose, Asda has decided to go in a different direction with their stollen offering this year and incorporated a chocolate hazelnut and amaretto flavouring to theirs – it pays off, too. It’s soft, moist and not much like traditional stollen at all. In fact, it’s basically a cake, but a very decent one at that. Perfect for people who don’t like stollen. 4/5

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