These are the best and worst supermarket mulled wines available for Christmas

Published 14th Dec 2018
Updated 14 th Dec 2018

There’s nothing quite as festive as sipping on a hot mulled wine during those cold, wintry nights.

If you plan on having a boozy tipple to celebrate the end of the working week, here are our reviews of some of the best and worst supermarket mulled wines on offer for Christmas 2018.

Lidl Christkinsi Glühwein - £4.99

While likely not as spicy as the brews served at your local Christmas market, this mulled wine is certainly a winter warmer that will please traditionalists. Not overly sweet, this rich Glühwein is perfect for an intimate festive party. 3/5

Aldi Glühwein Mulled Wine - £4.99

You’d hope that Aldi’s offering is warming, not too heavy on the cloves, and alcoholic enough to chase the chill away. 4/5

Waitrose Mulled Wine

Waitrose's Mulled Wine is easy to drink, non-sickly and a real winter warmer (Photo: Waitrose)

Waitrose Mulled Wine Spain - £5.49

This mulled wine from premium supermarket Waitrose manages to avoid the trap many fall into by going down the dry, rather than overly-sweet route. With a soft blend of spices it produces a gentle heat, made all the warmer for adding a tot of whisky or brandy. Easy to drink, non-sickly and a real winter warmer. 4.5/5

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Mulled Wine - £6

This juicy mulled wine is a decent offering from Sainsbury’s. It is well balanced, lighter on spice than some but it’s still quite sweet. A fine pre-Christmas dinner drink. 3/5

Co-op Mulled Wine - £3.50

It’s a bit of a cheat to call this mulled wine since it’s actually grape juice with alcohol added, but it’s fairly inoffensive. Co-op's take is sweet but manages to stop just short of being too sweet. However, the cloves and spice flavours are a bit too subdued for a mulled wine. 2/5

ASDA Mulled Wine - £6

Like any mediocre wine, the first glass from ASDA’s Mulled Wine doesn’t go down too well but by the time you’re midway through the bottle you’ll soon develop a new appreciation for this sugary festive drink. It would definitely benefit from having more festive spices to give it an added kick but besides that it’s still a decent accompaniment to a mince pie. 3/5

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