Whether you are looking to catch up with friends, enjoy a day time date or simply want to ditch your boring packed lunch, finding somewhere good to go for lunch can often be a chore.

Luckily, Glasgow has no shortage of great places to go to enjoy amazing lunches at excellent prices.

We have picked eight of the best for you to try:

1. Enjoy tiffin at Chaakoo Bombay café

(79 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5TF)

Picture: Chaakoo

The Chaakoo style Indian wraps and Masala fries are the perfect way to fill you up at lunchtime.

Grab you wrap and stuff it to the brim with house smoked chicken tikka, minced lamb or paneer or enjoy a dish or two from the grill and curry section.

Either way you’ll find out why people have been raving about this cracking new eatery since they opened late last year.

2. Anything on the menu at Roasters

(192 St Vincent St, Glasgow G2 5SG)

Picture: Roaster’s Deli Facebook

Seriously, this place was made for lunch. And brunch, breakfast and elevenses too.

The menu is crafted around the American concept of brunch and offers a dazzling array of comfort dishes that will kick any hangover into touch, quash pangs of hungers for the rest of the day and just generally leave you with a massive smile on your face.

Pancakes, french toast, grilled cheese, hotdogs, burgers, mac and cheese, poutine… the hardest part will be deciding where to stop. Just make sure they smother everything in their stunning beef dip and save some room for their excellent desserts which you definitely don’t want to miss.

3. Sushi burritos at Temaki

(113 Hope Street, city centre G2 6ll)

Japanese food fans will love Temaki, and their stripped back Tokyo style eatery is the perfect place for a delicious lunch.

Their now famous sushi burritos are slightly misnamed as there’s no Mexican fusion trickery going on, instead it’s just delightful rolls of prime cuts of seafood, rice and vegetables that have all of the flavour of their Mexican namesakes but less of the gut busting calories.

Choose from salmon, tuna, sweet potato tempura or one of the many other options and order a side of nigiri, maki or gyoza and enjoy .

4.  Currywurst at WEST

Picture: Trip Advisor Traveller

What could be better than eating your lunch in the stunning surroundings of Templeton on Glasgow Green, in a working brewery with a beer garden?

WEST brewery offers some of the best German cuisine around and we love the currywurst – two huge smoked bockwurst sausages served with traditional curry sauce, fries, and house salad.

It’s the perfect accompaniment for any of those wonderful house beers that are on offer as you unleash your inner Berliner.

6. Grab some street food at Taste Buchanan

Shrimp buns from Shrimpwrecked. Picture: Taste Buchanan Facebook

Shrimp buns from Shrimpwrecked. Picture: Taste Buchanan Facebook

“A shopping centre food court?” You say with a faux timbre of shock in your voice. “Aren’t they usually just filled with Nando’s and MacDonald’s?”

Thankfully, the answer is not all of them. A quick visit to Buchanan Galleries disproves this theory quite emphatically as you view the board that greets you as you emerge from the escalator.

Their top floor food court area has been transformed into foodie heaven with street food stalls aplenty.

Choose from Loaded’s smattering of delightful chip dishes, Shrimpwrecked’s shrimp buns or fish finger sarnie or an authentic taste of Mexico from Taco Mazama.

7. Beer battered fish and chips at The Finnieston

Picture: The Finnieston Facebook

Picture: The Finnieston Facebook

We are not going to lie, all of the dishes we’ve seen coming out of The Finnieston since it helped breathe a breath of fresh air into the stagnant West end food scene have been outstanding.

We could have chose anything on the menu and it would have looked great, but sometimes you just crave fish and chips.

Fish and chips Finnieston-style that is – battered in theit own Apache Pilsner, (brewed for them by WEST Brewery), their chunky North Sea Haddock is served with pea puree, tartar sauce and hand cut chips.

And it is as tasty as it is visually stunning.

8.  Pizza at Paesano

(94 Miller St, Glasgow G1 1DT)

Picture: Paesano

Picture: Paesano

There’s been a raft of great new pizzerias opening in Glasgow of late, but few would argue that for value and quality, Paesano would struggle to be beaten.

The pizzas are quite simply superb, cooked in wood-fired ovens Napoli style, the soft crusts and delicious toppings are perfect for those looking to refuel after a bout of shopping on nearby Argyle Street.

Be warned though, they are liberal with the Extra Virgin Oil, so if you prefer your pizza in the manner you are used to, ask for it on the side.




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