Hardeep Singh Kohli's Haggis baba ganoush

Broadcaster and restaurateur Hardeep Singh Kohli gives one of his favourite Indian inspired dishes with a Scottish twist, with this fun recipe for haggis baba ganoush.

Published: April 24, 2015
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Haggis baba ganoush

1. Take the haggis out of its skin and pop into some tinfoil with a good knob of butter. Wrap it up and place into a preheated 180C oven. The haggis is already cooked so you only need to reheat.

2. After ten minutes open the foil package and mash up the haggis. Now cook uncovered for a further 15 minutes.

3. Meanwhile put the aubergines on the naked flame of a gas hob or directly on the electric hob, turned up to full. Let fire take its natural course. The skins will start blistering and blackening.

Turn the aubergines to ensure an even cooking. The heat is actually cooking the inside. Be bold. Black is good. They occasionally pop so be careful.

4. As soon as they are burned and looking rather defeated put them into a bowl and cover with clingfilm or foil. You need to keep the heat in; the heat from the hot aubergines loosens the skins. Leave to one side for 30 minutes.

5. Meanwhile chop the tomatoes and the onion, crush the garlic. Mix these with the oil and lemon juice. This is effectively the dressing.

6. When the aubergines have cooled remove the skins. They may still be hot on the inside so take care. The odd bit of black skin is fine so don't stress. Try not to take any flesh off with the skin.

There will be a dark liquid residue in the bowl. This is gold. This is smoke. This is flavour. Mash up the aubergine flesh and add the black liquor and dressing.

7. Season; bearing in mind aubergines love salt. Add the cooked haggis and mix well. Finish with the herbs. Smoking....

Modern Scottish recipe: Cullen Skink Fish Pie from Stevie McLaughlin


  • 3 decent sized aubergines
  • 250g haggis
  • three deseeded and chopped plum tomatoes
  • a medium red onion or banana shallot
  • a garlic clove
  • 4 tbsp olive oil (this is really just a guideline)
  • plenty of salt and fresh black pepper
  • a big handful of chopped coriander
  • the juice of a lemon or two, again to taste
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