Over 90 per cent of Scots 'eat potatoes at least once a day'

Scots would rather go without alcohol or dessert than endure a meal which did not feature a potato, a report has claimed.

Published 6th Oct 2015
Updated 6 th Oct 2015

A survey of eating habits north of the border found that 92 per cent of people like to eat potatoes at least once a day.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter of Scottish adults claimed that they would be disappointed and upset if a restaurant or loved one served up a dish that did not feature a trusty potato. Potatoes are shown to be Scotland's favourite main meal carb, beating pasta, rice and noodles.

Almost a fifth of people said they would choose potatoes as part of
their one desert island dinner.

Kate Cox, Marketing Manager from AHDB Potatoes, the trade body for the British potato industry, which commissioned the research, said: "In 2015, it's clear that the Scottish public still has a love affair with potatoes and there are some meals where we expect them to be served on a regular basis.

"However, this nostalgic affection also brings a reputation,
particularly amongst young women, that potatoes are a traditional food and not relevant in modern cooking, which is a real challenge."

When asked about the main reasons for missing potatoes on their
plates, over half of respondents said it was because they love the
taste, over a third stated that potatoes keep them satisfied between meals without needing to snack and nearly one quarter do not feel their meal would be complete without potatoes.

Ms Cox added: "Healthy eating is paramount in today's food market and potatoes can sometimes be forgotten in modern and 'on trend' recipes.

They are the original superfood and it would be fantastic to see more people in Scotland creating different meals with them. Potatoes are naturally fat-free and nutritious, as well as being quick and easy to prepare and cook with."

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