New bar craze could soon see Buckfast lovers 'inhaling' their favourite drink

Buckfast-loving Brits will soon be able to inhale their favourite drink through their eyes and lungs. 

Published 14th Aug 2015
Updated 14 th Aug 2015
Visitors to Pop-up bar Alcoholic Architecture - in which bartenders create a walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail created by vaporising alcohol into the atmosphere of the bar - could soon enjoy inhaling Buckfast.
Visitors to the bar drink their airborne cocktails by absorbing alcohol in the super-saturated air through their eyes and lungs.
The swanky London-based venue, which asks patrons to breathe responsibly, is currently featuring a crowd-pleasing cloud of gin and tonic.
However, managers say that notorious  Buckfast is on the shortlist of drinks set to be vaporised by their experimenting bartenders.
Alcoholic Architecture opened in London's pricey Borough Market at the end of July, touting itself as the worlds first alcoholic weather system for your tongue where meteorology and mixology collide.
Those running the trendy new bar describe it as an installation that "explodes drinks to the scale of architecture" to create a space that that "spatialises the world's best cocktails and creates a fully immersive alcohol environment".
Patrons are charged £12.50 for an hour in the rarefied atmosphere of the bar - where they will breathe in the equivalent of one spirit and mixer drink.
They are asked to don plastic suits to protect their clothes from the boozy air created by powerful humidifiers - which reduces visibility to less than a metre, and after an hour inside they are cut off - as the alcohol inhaled bypasses the liver, dramatically enhancing its effect.
Alcoholic Architecture. Picture: Flickr

Alcoholic Architecture. Picture: Flickr

Once inside customers can also order a specially curated menu of drinks presented in the regular format (in a glass), with bartenders claiming the flavour perception and taste profile of the drinks are enhanced by the alcohol in the air.
Buckfast is already on the menu - mixed with whisky in the form of a shot, or with yellow Chartreuse in a cocktail - which patrons can drink from a human skull shaped into a drinking vessel.
Drinkers can expect to pay around £7.50 for the Buckfast cocktail in the London bar - around the cost of the average 75cl of the wine north of the border.
After six years in the making, the bar will only be open for six months, with the owners claiming its short shelf life allows them to be radically experimental.
A spokesman said: "As this is open and then closed in a flash we can be highly specialized, strange and unusual in what we are providing."

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