Heverlee launch summer white beer in Scotland

Published 5th Jun 2015
Updated 5 th Jun 2015

Heverlee has launched a limited edition white beer in Scotland for the summer months.

Heverlee, which successfully launched its authentic Belgian lager in Scotland in October 2013, says the limited edition beer is inspired by the rare flower, Vogelmelk, found at Belgium’s oldest Abbey.

Heverlee Witte is the first seasonal beer to emerge from Heverlee, and is a 4.8% ABV wheat beer brewed with orange peel, reminiscent of beers traditionally enjoyed in summertime in Belgium.

Brewed using a mix of malted and unmalted wheat for a smooth, creamy head, Heverlee Witte is medium bodied and slightly fruity in flavour, with top notes of citrus orange and hints of cloves and other aromatic spices.

Leuven-born brewer, Joris Brams, used descriptions of a historic lager brewed by pioneer monks at the Abbey of the Order of Premontre to recreate the original Heverlee, after learning it was a pilsner-style beer, lighter, and fresher tasting than other Abbey beers of its time.

To develop Heverlee Witte, Joris worked with the monks once more to uncover a variant of the Vogelmelk flower, unique to the grounds of the 1129 Abbey, which would inspire the seasonal beer’s creation.

“This beer is testament to the longstanding creativity in Belgian brewing,” said Joris. “Belgian brewers have always experimented with interesting or unexpected ingredients to introduce limited summer varieties. I knew I had to find something special if I were to produce such a beer for Heverlee, and the Vogelmelk flower from the Abbey grounds is the perfect tribute to our home.”

“The reaction to our original beer has been fantastic in Scotland, and we know there’s an appetite for more authentic Belgian brews, so we look forward to introducing a taste of summer in Belgium with Heverlee Witte.”

Heverlee Witte is now available in selected bars across Scotland.

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