Extra Pale, Barney’s Beer, beer review

Barney's Extra Pale is a a very good, no-nonsense Pale Ale, finds Patrick McPartlin

Published 28th Apr 2015
Updated 9 th Aug 2023
Brewery: Barney’s Beer
Style: English Pale Ale
ABV: 4%
Barney’s has been on the go since 2010, setting up shop at the old Dick Vet college, where the first Summerhall brewery was situated in the 1800s.
Barney - Andrew Barnett, to give him his Sunday name - cut his teeth at the Fountainbridge Brewery (founded by William McEwan in 1856) and furthered his experience at the Famous Grouse distillery after studying brewing and distilling at Heriot Watt University.
At his microbrewery in Edinburgh’s South Side, Barney has created a number of beers, including the intriguing (and delicious) Lapsang Smoked Porter and Good Ordinary Pale Ale.
Extra Pale is a classic English Pale Ale, made using traditional techniques and a natural brewing process.
It pours a hazy pale yellow / gold with a medium white head.
The aroma
Extra Pale has a very slight malty aroma, with floral hops and citrus.
The taste
The first mouthful is awash with lime; quite sweet and dry.
Crisp and refreshing, Extra Pale doesn’t have the same bitterness as some pale ales.
The citrus flavours last throughout - thanks to those zesty ‘new world’ hops - with more malty notes, and a clean finish.
Up against popular English Pale Ales such as London Pride and Old Speckled Hen, Extra Pale holds its own very well.
Crisp, refreshing, clean and easy to drink, Extra Pale might lack the pizzazz of some of Barney’s other creations but that doesn’t stop it from being a very good, no-nonsense Pale Ale.
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Having sampled beers from Vietnam to Boston, Patrick felt it was time to turn his attention to the growing Scottish craft beer scene. Despite what some would call a Rebus-esque attachment to Deuchars IPA, he has turned his attention to smoked porters, hoppy pilsners and roasty stouts and hasn't looked back since.
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