Brave New World IPA, Tempest Brewing Co, beer review

Brave New World is a stand-out example of just how good Tempest Brewing Co. can get, finds Shawn Richmond

Published 4th Jun 2015
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Brewery: Tempest Brewing Co.
Style: A Brave New World
ABV: 7%

Tempest Brewing Co. Have been a festival favourite of mine for some time now. They've been churning out small batch quality beers for the past 5 years and with the opening of their brand spanking new brewery they show no signs of stopping!

I was lucky enough to try A Brave New World early last year from the keg when I went to a beer festival at SWG3 in Glasgow hosted by Brewdog (thanks UnTappd) and if I'm brutally honest, this blows it out the water.

Money well spent on the new brewery if you ask me.

Picture: Tempest

Picture: Tempest

I loved A Brave New World, it was one of the stand out beers at the festival, it takes a lot for a beer to be remembered when you are sampling "a few" throughout the whole day.

Actually it takes a lot to remember anything after festivals like that.

This new 330ml bottling of a Brave New World is an IPA at 7%
When you pour it there's a hazy light orange glow that holds onto the light. That's if you choose to pour it into a glass. This is a seriously drinkable beer, nobody will judge you for not wanting to wait.

One of the advantages of pouring it though is the aroma. Pine resin, oranges, mango and a hint of lychee that escaped me till I was almost finished the glass.

The best bit, the taste. There's a hint of apricot, not much but it is there.What I loved the most though was the finish, a lasting taste of orange peel that just wants to hang around your mouth till your next sip. It's a finish that won't let you forget it in a hurry.

Just like the beer.

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