Aberdeenshire Gin awarded master medal in prestigious gin competition

An Aberdeenshire gin has won big at an annual gin competition.

Published 9th Jul 2021
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Aberdeenshire’s award-winning Raven Spirits Limited was awarded a Master medal for its new product, HRAFN GIN ‘Valkyrie’ during the prestigious International Gin Masters 2021 competition in London last month. 

HRAFN GIN was created by two Scottish brothers hoping to fashion a uniquely smooth premium gin with depth of character and taste.

As a modern take on the classic London Dry Gin, VALKYRIE uses traditional botanicals together with the citrus zest of Jara fruit to create a bright and luxurious blend, which is then cut to 43% alcohol.

The Gin Masters 2021 competition was hosted by The Spirits Business, with the awards acknowledging the very best of each category in spirit distillation whilst taking a special interest in global gin brands. HRAFN GIN ‘Valkyrie was blind tasted by an independent and unbiased panel of judges who ranked it against global competitors for London Dry gin.

The highly desired ‘Master’ medal is only awarded to a few select gins which must be scored at over 90 per cent by every judge.

Given that HRAFN GIN ‘Valkyrie’ was only released on the 1 June and also received a Gold medal in the ‘Premium’ category, the competition was a roaring success for Raven Spirits Limited. 

A relative newcomer to the business at just three years old, HRAFN GIN is now represented in Asia and North America and the first consignment of ‘Valkyrie’ has already dispatched to Hong Kong.

Callum Sim, Managing director, and co-founder of Raven Spirits Limited explained: “The Covid lockdowns presented an opportunity to expand development of the HRAFN GIN brand and new editions to our range.

"‘Valkyrie’ is the first of these and for it to be awarded a Master medal for the ‘London Dry’ category, in addition to a Gold medal for the ‘Premium’ category is a remarkable achievement for us. 

"It is a delight to have validation of this nature for our hard work.  It really is special.”

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Operations director, and co-founder Peter added: “Building on our experience we wanted to create a lighter expression that still portrayed our hallmarks of a smooth, deeper flavoured gin, with a lingering finish. 

"We are pleased ‘Valkyrie’ has been so well received.  Our expanded range with these latest awards has strengthened our position to further grow the business with new partners and distributors”.

The brothers’ HRAFN GIN ‘Valkyrie is available online now with free P&P within the UK.

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