These are the topics that will cause the most arguments over Christmas

Published 14th Dec 2018
Updated 14 th Dec 2018

A new study of 2,000 British adults has revealed the issues most likely to cause arguments over the Christmas period - and it looks as if we are all bitterly divided.

Luke Hales, channel director for TV channel Dave who carried out the research, said, “It’s fascinating to see that outdoor Christmas decorations divide opinions down the middle – for half of us they lower the tone of the neighbourhood whilst the other half revels in the bright glow of LED light."

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

From Die Hard debates to boozing before noon, the nation has been revealed to be totally split over certain festive fundamentals. Here are the top 20 Christmas traditions that have divided the nation.

1. Christmas decorations outside of the house (53/ 47)
2. Christmas dinner or lunch (54/ 46)
3. Watching the Queen’s speech (54/ 46)
4. Alcohol after or before noon on Christmas Day (55/ 45)
5. Sunday best or Christmas jumpers on Christmas Day (55/ 45)
6. Stockings - above the fireplace or at the end of the bed (56/ 44)
7. Sprouts on the table (56/ 44)
8. Turkey as main Christmas Day dish (57/ 43)
9. Star or angel at the top of the tree (58/ 42)
10. Christmas Day walk (58/ 42)
11. Watching TV as a family or on your own (60/ 40)
12. Giving Christmas stockings to loved ones (61/ 39)
13. Spending more than 24hrs with family at Christmas (62/ 38)
14. Sending Christmas cards (65/ 35)
15. Owning an advent calendar (65/ 35)
16. Going to the pub on Christmas Day (66/ 34)
17. Pre-Christmas gifting (67/ 33)
18. Agreeing Die Hard is a Christmas movie (70/ 30)
19. Attending church over the Christmas period (71/ 29)
20. Watching a Christmas pantomime (73/ 27)

The study was commissioned to celebrate the launch of Dave’s Advent Calendar, daily comedy shorts in the lead up to Christmas Day.

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