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Make an impression with your Christmas gift wrapping

Published: November 16, 2016

Handy hints on how to perfect present presentation


First impressions count and it is just as true when it comes to gift giving. Here’s a quick guide to perfect present presentation.

Remove all price tags. There’s nothing more annoying than taking the time and effort to wrap a gift beautifully only to realise you haven’t taken the price sticker off. If a sticker is tough to remove, use a piece of tape. Put one end on the price sticker and pull, the sticker will usually come with it. If you can not remove the sticker, black out the price with a dark marker pen.

Put the gift in a box, if it isn’t in one already. This makes the gift easier and neater to wrap. If your box comes apart easily (like a shirtbox), be sure to use a little bit of tape to keep it from opening during the wrapping process.

Mark your cut lines. This is especially important if you find cutting straight lines tricky. Use a straight edge (like a ruler) or you can fold neatly along the line you need to cut, unfold, and cut along the fold. Be generous with the amount of paper you give yourself.

Place the gift or box upside down in the middle of your paper. This will make sure that when it is opened the recipient will land on the top of the box instead of the bottom.

Fold the paper around the gift using the two horizontal sides, pull tight and then tape together.

Now for the ends. Fold the corners in so you have kind of like a triangle.

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Fold the straight end over, then pull it to the top of your package. Tape.

Repeat on the other side. If you want to, add a crease to the triangle flap by folding the straight side over on itself.

Add ribbon. Make sure your ribbon is long enough and can go around the gift in whatever pattern you decide. For the ‘classic’ look of a cross on top and bottom, the amount of ribbon you will need will be twice the length, plus twice the width, plus twice the height, plus enough to tie it and make the bow.

Add the gift card. Take the time to write it neatly so it matches the rest of your beautifully wrapped gift.

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