Having fun across the board with games this Christmas

Published 16th Nov 2016
Updated 22 nd Nov 2016

Are you game for a laugh or determined to win? We have tips either way

We all love a board game at Christmas, don’t we? But after a few drinks and waiting on players who take forever, it can all turn a bit sour.

Here we reveal some winning board game etiquette...

A survey by games company Gibsons found that cheating caused 36 per cent of all game-related grievances, closely followed by just making up the rules (29 per cent).

It advises players that to avoid arguments over what’s right and wrong at the end of a game, make things clear at the beginning. “Make sure that everyone is aware of the rules and the consequences of cheating before starting to play,” advises games company Gibson’s managing director Nick Wright.

Life coach Sheridan Sloan also advises against taking it all too seriously. Desperately competitive at board games? He asks: “‘Is it important to be a winner or is it important to have fun, be playful and connect?”

And however annoyed you are that your 10-year-old granddaughter royally trounced you at Trivial Pursuit,never let it show. “It is just as important to be a gracious winner as it is to be a gracious loser,” Sloan stresses.

Also remember the idea of playing a game is to actually play it, not just win it. “At Christmas time or any other time when playing with friends and family, it is key to remember the primary gain is to connect with the ones you love.”

But if you still want to cheat, remember psychology is all important when playing to win.

Make sure you don’t avoid eye contact as this is a tell-tale sign you have something to hide.

Don’t get defensive as this will tell opponents what you’re up to. Try not to swallow or clear your throat more often than usual, keep your fidgeting to a minimum and be careful about your shoulders. People who shrug asymmetrically are lying so instead, keep them stationary and down. And make sure your posture is not defensive and relax. After all, it is only a game.


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