Toast the weekend with this twist on an old fashioned.

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Love gin? Then this fruity take on an old fashioned - designed by Noir Tender for House of MacDuff - is definitely one to try.


  • 50ml Fifty/50 Cask aged Gin
  • Zest of Pink Grapefruit
  • Angostura bitters-(or any high quality Aromatic Bitter)
  • 1 Demerara sugar cube
  • 1 bar spoon of Rhubarb and Ginger preserve.


In a Boston glass combine a piece of pink grapefruit zest, the preserve and the sugar cube.

Soak the sugar cube in the bitters. Muddle these ingredients until a thick paste is formed.

Add two ice cubes and about half of the gin, stir until dilute, add a further two ice cubes and the rest of the gin stir until dilute.

Strain in to a double rocks glass ¾ full with ice.

Twist or flame a zest of pink grapefruit over the serving glass and pop it into the drink.


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