Neil Forbes recipe: Baked Arran Mist Brie with Wooley's oatcakes

Recipe: Baked Arran Mist Brie, Wooley's oatcakes, radishes, tomatoes and cornichons

Published: June 6, 2015
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1. Put the Arran Brie into an oven-proof dish and place in a warm oven 120C/Gas Mark ½) for about half an hour, until it’s gooey and liquid in the centre.

2. Arrange some oatcakes on a serving dish and scatter the dish with the cornichons. Wash the radishes and the tomatoes, cut them in half and arrange on the dish also.

3. When the brie is ready, place it in the middle of the dish along
with the garnishes and finish with a twist of pepper and a drizzle of rapeseed oil.

4. Eat it straight away as it cools quite quickly. Serve it with a bright pinot gris.


  • 1 Arran Mist Brie (or camembert)
  • 1 packet Wooleys Oatcakes
  • a handful of British tomatoes,
  • I like the mini plum, great for dunking
  • a handful of cornichons
  • a handful of French breakfast
  • radishes, a lovely variety
  • a drizzle of cold-pressed
  • rapeseed oil
  • a twist of pepper
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