Skipper Jimmy heads to Germany with Scotland’s finest seafood for the Culinary Olympics

One of Scotland’s best-known skippers, Jimmy Buchan, is hitting the road bound for Germany and the Culinary Olympics.

Published 23rd Oct 2016
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Held every four years in Erfurt, central Germany, The International Culinary Exhibition - or Culinary Olympics as it is known - began in Frankfurt in 1900 by Carl Matthaus Banzer who was Director of the German Federation of Chefs at the time.

Jimmy, best known for his starring role in BBC’S Bafta-winning series Trawlermen, is driving from Peterhead to Erfurt to deliver hand-dived scallops, lobster, squid and langoustine from his company Amity Fish Co. to Team GB competitors.

The Culinary Olympics, attended by 45 nations from around the globe, will run from the 22nd to the 25th October.

With over 40 years’ experience in the fishing industry, Jimmy was chosen by the British team to be their official seafood supplier and to give it the extra-special touch, Jimmy will be driving to Germany to deliver the catch personally.

He’ll be supervising the packing of his scallops at 7am before driving to Newcastle to catch an overnight ferry to Amsterdam, from there is another six-hour drive to Erfurt but Jimmy says he is ready for the challenge.

Jimmy said: “It’s a fantastic honour to have been chosen by the British team for the Culinary Olympics. This event attracts hundreds of participants from countries around the world so there is no better stage to showcase the very best from Scotland’s seafood larder.

“I’ll be setting off bright and early tomorrow morning to supervise my hand-dived scallops being harvested and packed, before travelling to Newcastle and onto Germany on Sunday. It’s a new challenge for me but I’m always up for new adventures. I’m delighted to have been given this amazing opportunity.”

The Culinary Olympics attracts top cooks and chefs from around the world who have completed an apprenticeship or culinary training.

Participants will compete to create original, show-stopping dishes with judges awarding points based on consistency, excellent preparation and flawless execution and presentation.

“One of the main rules of the competition is that competitor showpiece dishes should only use natural ingredients. This is where I come in. Is there anything more natural than fish and seafood pulled straight from Scottish waters and delivered while still alive? Everything I am taking with me has been sourced locally. I’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure I deliver only the very best, with provenance at its core.”

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Jimmy will be immersing himself in all the goings-on of the event and will be spending time with the team so see exactly how his seafood will be cooked and presented.

After spending over 40 years as a fisherman skippering his own vessel Amity, Jimmy launched his own online business in 2015 called Skipper’s Choice, which sells fish boxes directly to consumer. Based in Peterhead, the quality of the catch landed is not only consistently high but the onshore processing facilities are second to none.


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