Lees celebrate National Unicorn Day with introduction of new pastel coloured Macaringues

One of Scotland's most popular confectionery producers has celebrated National Unicorn Day with a sweet themed tribute to Scotland’s national animal.

Published 9th Apr 2018
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Lees surprised residents of Glasgow by taking along one of the mythical creatures to Kelvingrove Park mark the day and introduce the brand’s new look pastel coloured Macaringues.

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The Macaringues took centre stage alongside Shimmer, the unicorn, who was escorted by Robyn Crumlish, a model wearing a specially created rainbow coloured headpiece, commissioned from Silver Linings Millinery and designed to embrace the unicorn-inspired fashion trend that has swept the nation.

Unicorn Day

An almond flavoured meringue shell, the Lees Macaringue now comes in three different colours, pink, lilac and green, and the brand say they are the perfect addition to an afternoon tea, a special occasion, or some unicorn inspired recipes,and are already proving popular with brides-to-be.

Commenting on the new product, which are gluten and nut free and come in packs of 30, Sheevaun Thomas NPD manager at Lees of Scotland said: “We’ve seen so many people using our Macaringues in unicorn inspired recipes, so what better way to celebrate Scotland’s national animal on its very own day.

“Our inspiration for the Macaringues has come from the macarons which Paris is famous for but with a little Scottish twist: they are completely different to anything we have previously developed before here at Lees. We’ve worked hard to develop the recipe, and have created a really versatile product that can be used for all occasions.”

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